Chapter 13

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-Karkat P.O.V-

"Why didn't you tell me?!" You're furious with him.

"I'm allowed to have a personal life." Your brother replays, in a surprisingly calm voice.

"What else are you hiding from me?!" Dave tries calming you down, you growl at him. Dirk rushes over to protect him.

"If I'm hiding something from you there's a reason I don't tell you. In this case, it's because it has nothing to do with you." His tone makes it seem like he's arguing with a child, but you don't care.

"Well I'm your fucking brother! I'm allowed to know who your fucking friends are!"

"Karkat that is enough! If you want answers or you want to argue we'll do it somewhere private!" You forgot how much he acts like a father at times. "I'm going to get some air." You watch him go upstairs and to what you assume is a balcony. You see Rose and Kanaya come downstairs, they seem concerned.

"We heard screaming, is everyone alright?" Kanaya looks at Dirk and Jake. "Who are these two?"

"Oh, I'm Jake, and that's Dirk" Dirk makes a growl like noise and Dave comforts him.

"It's okay bro. Sorry, he doesn't get out much." Roxy suddenly speaks up.

"Okay this is gonna sound crazy, but you two can stay with us!" Dirk's head seems to perk up at the sound of her voice. Dave seems confused.

"That seems nice and all, but why?" Roxy seems to realize something.

"Oh, he never told you?" Rose speaks up.

"Just as I thought, come with us, this will take a lot of explaining." Dave takes Dirk and goes with Roxy and Rose. Leaving you, Kanaya, and Jake.

"So, would anyone like some tea?" Kanaya says after a few minutes to break the ice.

"Yes, please." Jake says, you nod a bit. This is going to be awkward.

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