Chapter One

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If you have not read yet my first Scottish historical called Scottish Beauty, then I highly recommend that you do. This is not a sequel but a second story involving the McKenna family. If you read the first in the McKenna's series, then this story will make much more sense.

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*******NOTE****** I just wanted to remind you all that I am an AMATEUR writer, I am no historian at all, just a woman who loves romance, especially Scottish romance. All the knowledge that I have comes from books that I have read in the past. So I know that my story may not be historically accurate. ************

Scottish Destiny

Chapter One

Scottish Highlands, August 1413

Castle McKenna

Giggling and laughing could be heard throughout the great hall at Castle McKenna. For the day was a day of celebration. A joyful event to say the least, four years ago this day Lady Roslyn made her appearance warming the hearts of her parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. She is the first grandchild to Laird Angus McKenna. She has everyone wrapped around her little fingers, especially her Uncles.

"Da.....have ye seen Roslyn?" Ian asked his Da while pretending he had not found her hiding underneath one of the tables.

Angus grinning, knowing how much Roslyn liked to play hide and seek decided to play along. "Nae Ian....I have no seen her," Angus told him while pointing his finger to the table. Ian just nodded that he knew where she was. Her soft giggles could be heard now making the two older men smile at playing her games.

"Well.....I suppose if I canna find her, I will take my leave and go for a ride," Ian said as he stooped low on his haunches and peered under the table. He was surprised when Roslyn threw herself into his arms and toppled him over.

"Nae Uncle promised ye would play with me!" she whined.

He chuckled now at her antics............"Aye Roslyn.............I will play with ye," Ian mumbled as he pulled himself and Roslyn up off of the floor. Placing her on her feet, he noticed that her gown was dirty. "Och...Roslyn," Ian murmured as he brushed down her gown with his hands. "Your Mama will have my hide, she told me to keep ye clean."

"We willna tell her then," Roslyn grinned a sly grin at her Uncle who adored her beyond belief. The last thing she wanted was for her Mama to scold her Uncle for playing with her.

Tapping the tip of her nose with his fingers............" princess.....we willna tell her for your gown is clean. Twas only a bit of dust," Ian said as he picked her up. He knew that he should let her walk but she was his weakness, he couldn't deny her anything. Her skin was so soft as she hugged him tight, her little legs wrapped tightly around his side, she loved to be carried that way. The smell of her special soap coming from her dark curly hair that Ian knew Emma made especially for the bairns was comforting. Whenever she was near, Ian always was happy.

"Where are the lads?" Angus asked Ian as he fell into step beside them walking towards the front door.

"They are with Grant, tis sword play he is teaching them," Ian laughed thinking of how he saw Grant earlier on with three wooden swords heading out to the courtyard.

"Och...well tis men that Grant will make of them," Angus chuckled out.

"Da.....tis bairns they are still, leave them be," Ian grunted out as he hoisted Roslyn higher up onto his side. The cool morning air was chilly, Ian felt Roslyn shiver in his arms.

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