Chapter 5

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Day : Wednesday
Date : 11/04/18

I'm not gonna lie. Writing this story is stressing me out. And I became sensitive lately.

   But I enjoyed it nonetheless

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But I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I already prepare chapter 6,7 and 8. But I'm gonna look thoroughly at those chapters first before publish them one by one.😁

Anyway I hope you will enjoy this chapter.😊 I know this one is a little bit shorter than the previous chapters but I hope you will still enjoying it.😍

Anything, just inform me.😘


Camellia Waters' POV

Now I regret it. I Am Definitely Regret It! Why did you have to volunteer to prepare the snacks, Cam? Now look at yourself. You can't even reach the bowls!

"Why are you still here?" hearing the voice, I yelped and jumped from my spot.

I turned to my back to see Adam looking amused at my reaction. I slapped his forearm playfully.

Who was Adam? He was one of Xavier's best friends too, of course. Adam Jones was a guy with a pair of dark brown eyes just like me but with a little more darker and with dark brown hair on his head.

Besides Adam, I also got to know Ashton and Zander.

Ashton Miller and Zander Reese both had a pair of dark brown eyes just like me and Adam. The difference of Ashton and Zander was their hair. When Ashton had blonde hair, Zander on the other hand had black hair on his head.

All five of the boys were very good looking. But for me, of course Ryder was the most handsome one.

"You almost give me heart attack!"

"I'm sorry little girl. Is there anything I can help you?" he let out a chuckle.

I hesitated a little before nodding my head.

"Could you..could you please get me the bowls?"

He burst out laughing but stopped abruptly after receiving a glare from me.

"Do you want to help me or not?" I scowl at him.

As Adam opened his mouth to say something, someone cut in.

"What happened here?"

I smiled at the person before pointing towards the top shelf.

"Ryder, could you please take the bowls for me?" I said innocently.

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