Chapter Six

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So the conflict comes out a little more in this chapter, and I actually have writer's block again (bad Cherry! I know xD) but I tried to make this chapter as long and interesting as I could.

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“This should be fun,” I muttered, collecting the supplies from the teacher. “One can only hope the boys don’t blow it up.” I chuckled as I made my way back to the lab table.

Needless to say, I didn’t think doing a chemical experiment with Jordan and Julio was the best idea. But that was science class for you.

“Alright,” I stated, setting down a few beakers and some small bottles of chemical onto the lab table. “Did you guys set the burner up?”

Both boys looked sheepish.

I rolled my eyes. “Do it, please.”

As they set up the burner, I pulled some goggles over my eyes and tossed one each to Jordan and Julio, who put them on as well. 

“So, Elise,” began Julio as we started the experiment. “You said you watch a lot of YouTube?”

“Yeah,” I replied, carefully reading the instructions and only half listening. “Mostly Minecraft gaming videos, though.”

“Really?” asked Jordan. “Which ones?”

I shook my head. “You wouldn’t know them.”

Julio snorted. “Try us.”

I sighed as I measured out the exact amount of chemical to pour into the beaker. “People like Grapeapplesauce, Graser10, xBayani, ThatOneTomahawk, TYBZI, Hbomb…” I trailed off, realizing I was rambling. “I’ll probably never get to meet any of them, though. Mom never lets me go to Minecon or practically any convention.”

Jordan and Julio were silent. When I turned, they looked slightly surprised and confused, but it was gone so fast that I could’ve imagined it.

“Oh…” Julio cleared his throat. “I think I’ve heard of them…”

I gave him a weird look and he glanced at Jordan sort of pleadingly.

“What he’s saying, Elise,” stated Jordan, shooting Julio a warning glare. “Is that we’ve actually seen a few of those channels before, in random appearances on the more popular ones.”

“None of them have ever really been on the super popular channels,” I replied in a slightly clipped voice. “At least not that I know of.”

The boys were saved from having to respond by the teacher, who told us to hush and get to work. I gave them one more suspicious stare and went back to carefully mixing chemicals.

Something was definitely up.


JORDAN’S POV (surprise!)

“That was close,” I muttered as I set my backpack down on the floor of Mike’s room. “You nearly got us exposed, Julio!”

“Sorry!” he protested, throwing his stuff beside mine as the guys filed in behind us. “I was surprised and under pressure, okay?”

“Wait, what happened?” asked Zach, plopping down on the bed beside Mike and Liam. 

I glared at Julio again. “Julio brought up the topic of YouTube with Elise in chemistry today. Turns out the YouTubers she watches are us.”

What!?” shouted nearly everyone in the room. Oreo, Mike’s cat, ran of the room in protest.

I nodded grimly. “And Julio nearly gave it away to her by stuttering and almost saying something stupid.”

He glared at me, but it was halfhearted. “I realize I almost screwed up. Can you stop giving me crap for it Jordan?”

I sighed. “Sorry.” I leaned against the wall next to Sean. “But the real question is what to do now.”

“Play it safe,” responded Liam. “Don’t let her get so much as a hint of our YouTube status. Steer her away from that conversation as much as possible. She can’t know,” he muttered the last sentence softly. “We’ll lose the real her in a spur of fangirlism, and who knows? She could tell the whole school.”

“I don’t think she would do that,” Sean declared. “However,” he added when Liam gave him a look. “I do think Liam has a point. We should go with his plan, just to be sure.”

I glanced around the room. “Agreed?”

Maddie stared at the floor. “I hate lying to her, though.”

“Technically, we’re not lying to her exactly…” Mike told her. “Just steering her away from the truth…?” 

Maddie shook her head. “It’s… it’s alright. I’m in.”

“Everyone in, then?” I asked again.

Nods and murmurs of assent.

“I guess it’s decided, then,” I said, closing my eyes. “I just hope she doesn’t get too smart for us.”

“If that happens,” replied Sean. “There’s nothing we can do.”

I know it's short, I'm sorry! That's what writer's block does to you >.<

Hopefully, though, I can have Elise discover their true identities in a chapter soon. That should make writing their dialogue easier.

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