Chapter 15

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Does anyone remember if Stiles has ever fed from Scott, cuz I sure as hell don't.

The next morning Stiles wakes up really pissed off, wanting to rip someone to shreds, feel their thick blood drop down his fingertips, smell the copper scent it lets off. Stiles was only pissed at the big man downstairs. Only having these violent thought towards that particular man. Everything Stiles did that morning he did with anger. Getting ready for school, throwing and slamming things. The fox was heated that morning. A part of him didn't mean to be heated on purpose, something was triggering it. Something was coming.

Stiles sped down the road, heading to school. Parking violently, not caring that he took up two parking spots parking crookedly. The werefox was drawing attention to himself he hadn't realized he was doing when being furious. People stared with worried eyes. No one has ever seen Stiles Stinlinksi so angry. Ever. Stiles hadn't noticed his group of friends standing at his and Scott's lockers when he passed. Scott was the first to notice Stiles and his emotion, for he could feel it himself, wondering why he felt so weird that morning.

"Stiles? Hey, Stiles!" Scott shouted to his boyfriend. Stiles didn't listen, just walked off. All sounds were muffled to him, going in one ear and out the next. Scott could tell by the way Stiles carried himself that something really bad was going on. That this had nothing to do with covering up for Seline.

Scott ran to catch up with Stiles. Grabbing his wrist the alpha quickly snapping his hand back. Stiles was burning up. Literally. But on the surface he looked like he was cool. Scott reached for him again, spinning the fox around. Stiles looks to Scott with blazing eyes, then calms quickly seeing his face. Scott huffs and grabs Stiles by his now cooled wrist walking them to an empty classroom.

Shoving Stiles in, then walking in himself Scott shuts and locks the door behind him. Stiles knew what Scott dragged him in the classroom for, he tried to speak but word swere cut off by lips on his own. Scott cupped his hands around Stiles neck pulling him downward towards his own lips. (Yes Scott pulled him down, because Stiles is taller than Scott. You can tell in the GIF in chapter 2).

Eyes shut softly and a pair of soft lips on another, with hands on tender skin. Their feet moved, they didn't know where to, till Scott jumped slightly with a gasp, his back side making contact with the desk. He sat atop of the desk legs wrapping around the other, bringing him closer as their kissing sparked more. Scott ran his hands up under the others shirt feeling the slightest bumps of the moles that scattered his pale skin. The light tender touch brought a slight shiver and goosebumps to his skin. Stiles lips skimmed the others skin kissing along his neck and feeling small bruises that faded as quick as them had come.

From behind them at the doorway had stood Coach Finstock they hadn't noticed walked in. The adult cleared his throat loudly grabbing the boy's attention. His arms cross as he left his weight in one foot. The pair jumped away from each other faces flushed and lips bright red. Coach rolled his eyes at the two pointing to the door.

"Out," he said sternly. The two scrambled getting their bags they had dropped. "I will see you two at practice and you will be running extra laps for being in my classroom,"

"Yes coach," the two spoke monotone, rolling their eyes.

"Kids," he muttered as they left. The couple walked down the hall bright red blushing faces. Scott snapped out of his lovely sick daze. He was initially supposed to give Stiles a small peck then talk about what was wrong with him.

Scott stepped in front of Stiles stopping the other in his tracks.

"I was supposed for talk to you," Scott said with an embarrassed blush on his cheeks that he got so distracted.

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