Got my phone and I headed downstairs and saw the boys were in the backyard playing football. Scooby and Scrappy ran after them wagging their tails.

"Brandon!" Nick yelled grabbing Brandon's attention. Nick threw the ball, Brandon catching it running and dodging the boys to make a touchdown.

I myself know a lot about football, when it was football season me and my dad watched our teams games every Sunday.

Nick including the guys, and a couple of my dads friends would come over, my dad would make his amazing burgers or bbq on the grill.

It was a fun time especially when it was really sunny in California, I miss those days.

After spacing out I shook my head slightly closing my eyes. I made my way to the backyard.

"I heading out now!" I call loudly so the guys would hear me through all their yelling.

"Ok be careful Y/n." Nick replied, he knew about Pennywise so if he wasn't overprotective enough now he's ten times more.

That's why him and my dad get along, back home when I would want to go out with the boys, dad would let me only because Nick was there.

"Call me if you in any way feel unsafe you don't know these streets completely." Nick said sternly.

"Chill bro she's just going to see some friends." Austin said making Edwin who was next to him slap him on the arm slightly.

Everyone knew not to get in the way of Nick protecting me, Nick was serious and I appreciate having someone like him.

He wouldn't let Zion date me for a while then gave into me and Zion.

But it can be too much at times.

"I know I won't be too long though." I went to Nick hugging him.

"I just want you to be safe." He whispered to me so no one but I would hear him. After last nights event he was more concerned about me leaving alone.

"I will." I whispered back. Letting go of the hug.

"I love you." Nick said before I went inside the house.

"I love you too." I said back.

"Where's mine?" Edwin yelled.

"I love you too Edwin!"

"And mine?" Austin yelled.

"I love you too Austin!" Laughed softly.

"Ahmm!" Brandon cleared his throat very loudly.

"I love you too Brandon!"

"I love you too Zion!" I yelled knowing if I said it to one of them I had to say it to all of them.

"We Love you!" All five of them yelled. They laughed and I made my way out of the house.

I really did love them all, they're like my brothers, to think of it they're like overprotective older brothers, except one.

But that's a whole different story, now I made my way to Bill's knowing everyone would be there as well.

I got to his house and knocked on the door.

Billed opened the door, "Hey Y/n." He smiled lightly.

"What are y-you doing here?" He asked.

"I need to tell you and the losers something." I answered.

"Oh, they're h-here, come." He opened the door wider.

I walked in and saw everyone in the living room and someone new. It was a girl with short reddish hair.

"Hi Y/n!" Everyone greeted me.

"Hey guys."

"Oh Y/n this is our good friend Beverley." Stan introduced her.

"Hi Beverley, I'm Y/n, nice to meet you." I walked over to her and put my hand out.

"Hi Y/n, nice to meet you too." She smiled taking my hand.

"So what's new we haven't seen you in a while?" Mike asked.

"We I came to tell you guys something." I answered.

"What is it?" Stan asked.

"I'm going back home tomorrow morning." I said getting straight to the point, waiting to see everyone's reaction.

"Wait- what?" Stan was the first to react.

"Your going back?" Eddie

"I thought we were all going to spend our first summer together." Stan said, summer basically started last week.

"I know and I was looking forward to it but Nick is just looking out for me and my safety, he thinks it's best if we go back." I replied looking at all of them.

"Yeah I think it's best." Bill said without stuttering.

"What?" Everyone including me let out, I thought he was going to be the least to want me to go.

"Come on guys, she's going to be safer back home, away from this terrifying town, where she can get away from Pennywise." This was the longest I've heard Bill without stuttering.

"He's right." Ben said softly.

"It might hurt but it's the right thing to do." Richie smiled lightly at me.

"No matter what you will always be apart of the losers club Y/n."

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