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Y/n's POV

"But..." Nick paused.

"Oh no there's a but." Edwin sighed.

"There is a problem." Nick said.

"What do you mean problem?" Zion asked.

"We don't know if we're staying, we only convinced him to go for a couple of days...weeks." Nick replied.

"So your telling me...we have to come back!" Edwin exclaimed dramatically.

Such a drama queen I laughed, this is why he's my best friend.

"We don't know yet." I answered.

"I'm hoping once we get there I'll be able to convince him into staying there." I looked back at Zion.

"If he wants to come back you guys can just stay with me." He replied looking at me.

"I still don't know." I shrugged. He wrapped his arms around me.

I cuddled into him.

"So when we leaving?" Austin asked.

"Tomorrow." Nick answered.

"Time?" Edwin asks.

"Probably around eight, eight thirty." Nick answered again.

"Road trip!" Brandon screamed scaring Scooby out of his sleep.

"Sorry buddy." Brandon apologized, making Edwin and Austin laugh.

The boys stayed for longer, they played video games while I watched on Zion's lap.

I laughed at Nick who was screaming at the tv, he's very competitive.

Like me, scorpio siblings.

It was almost four a clock and I remembered I had to tell the boys, well other boys.

"I forgot I have to go somewhere." I said, Zion opened his arms for me to get up.

"Where, what me to come with you?" He asked.

"No it's fine." I replied.

"Where you going?" Nick paused the game so now everyone had their attention on me.

"Just to say bye to some friends before we leave tomorrow morning." I replied.

"You me to come?" Nick asked being his overprotective self.

"No it's still pretty early, I won't do gone too long, probably before five." I said.

"Can I come I'm bored." Edwin complained.

"It's going to be more boring if you go." I answered.

"Never mind." Edwin was quick to reply.

"I'm going to change, I'm be right back." I said making my way to my room.

I put some jeans on, and some converse leaving Zion's hoodie on. I rushed my hair out, untangling it.

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