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{2 weeks later}
Maisie's pov

I hate the sound of my alarm.
I hate school. I hate everyone.
The last two weeks have been so fun, Debbie and I have been going to the pool everyday. And even taken Liam. Lip showed me around his college, I rode in an ambulance with Ian, who is definitely not as shy as he was the first time we met. I went to visit my dad at the alibi. I feel so welcome.

The only thing is Carl hasn't spoken to me since the incident at the house, I've tried talking to him when he came to the pool but he ended up tongues deep with Holly, mine and Debbie's worst nightmare.

I got up heading straight to the bathroom, doing my normal routine.
I got out the shower and applied some makeup.

I got out the shower and applied some makeup

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Ok but Sophia Mitchell is gorjj.

And quickly got dressed and walked over to the Gallaghers for breakfast.

And quickly got dressed and walked over to the Gallaghers for breakfast

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This outfit is bomb too.

Fiona told me last night to come around in the mornings.

I walked in and the smell of coffee and bacon filled my lungs. Ian placed my plate in front of me but it wasn't long before I shoved it into my mouth.

We don't have specific seats around the table but I'm alway sat between Carl and Debbie but recently Carl hasn't come to sit.
However today he was sat at the table but opposite me, staring right at me.

"Hi Maisie, I love that outfit"
"Thanks debs, hurry or we'll be late to school" not that I care anyway, all schools are the same, with the same types of people in them.

As we sat at the table I wanted Carl to notice me sooo...I lifted my foot rubbing it up and down his leg. His head shot up with a confused look, but I tried not to show any emotion.

I did it again and again the corners of his mouth curving as his tongue pressed the inside of his cheek. I placed my foot right between his thighs but fun was over as Fiona started screaming.

F: "come on school, now"
C: "damn ok shut up"
D: "carl come on or we're gonna be late, you too Maisie"
"Thanks for breakfast Fi"
I thanked with a smile as she kissed all our heads.

{few minutes later}

"So I need to tell you about Derick." Omg he is all she has talked about since they got together. "Well he text me last night, blah blah blahhhhh"

I couldn't focus as I felt someone's hands on my waist pulling me close feeling his down there.
"This is what your outfit is doing to me Maisie!" He sounded frustrated, his hand slipped to my ass giving it a tight squeeze.

That's when I saw Dominique ahead of us and Carl instantly jerking away. Shit I forgot about her.

Not doubting her, she's gorgeous and she knows it but what she does behind Carl's back is horrible.

"Hey Debbie! Hi maddie!"
"It's erm Maisie" I could hardly spit out, why am I so nervous.
"Yeah I don't care" she said pushing past my shoulder to Carl. I turned to Debbie and she just shrugs, ffs.

{at school}

"I'll see you later Carl"
"Bye Dominique"
I was mentally gagging, we were at our lockers well mine and Carl's as ours were right next to each other and Debbie's was in a whole other block.
Meaning I'm stuck seeing this douchebag all year.

Time tables were also unlucky as I only had 1 lesson with Debbie that was art, 3 with Dominique including art, and 4 with Carl but I doubt he'll even turn up to them.
Man this is bullshit.

The bell rang telling us we had 2 minutes to get to first period which was double science. Fml.

I made my way to the back of the class in the corner, hopefully then the teacher won't call on me randomly. As I made my way everyone's eyes were on me, I'm guessing because I'm the new girl.

Girls looking at me in disgust, boys jaws hung low and Carl, Carl's eyes gleaming up at me as I sat down beside him.

"Maisie, I cant believe we're in the same class" Ugh what am I going to do. I just rolled my eyes and waited for the teacher to start.

{half way through class}

This lesson is so dead. My mind kept wondering about Carl and Dominique and how she hates me, when I feel a too familiar hand on my thigh.
"Not now, not here Carl" I whispered so only he could hear.
"Why not baby girl, no one will see." His hands gently passing up my thigh and into a rip in the pants.

His fingers playing with my panties, no he cannot take control.


Next chapter is a carry on again I don't want really long chapters.❤️

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