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I was sitting on my room, when I got added to a Group Chat
Unknown: I think I added the wrong number..😖
Unknown: Dumbass
Liv: I can leave...
Unknown: No stay!
Liv: Names?
Shawn: Shawn
Aaron: Aaron
Cameron: Cameron
Carter: Carter
Nash: Nash
Hayes: Hayes
Jack J: Jack Johnson
Jackg: Jack Glinsky
Matt: Matt
Taylor: Taylor
Liv: I'm liv
Cameron: Wanna play 20 questions?
Liv: Sure
Carter: Siblings?
Liv: 1 brother
Carter: Pic?
Liv: Me or him?😂
Shawn: you
Liv: Me

Cameron: Woah...😍🤤
Shawn: Damn...
Aaron: Wow 😘😍
Jackj: Damn...
Jackg: Hey baby.. 😍
Hayes: WOW😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Carter: Marry me? 💍
Liv: I'm good😂^^^
Nash: Woah, where do u live?
Liv: LA I live wit my BFFS
Carter: Cool,
Shawn: Yasssss
Jackg: Finally
Matt: Omg
Liv: What?
Matt: Oh Magcon, do u know what that is?
Liv: Nope!
Matt: Look it up
Liv: This?

Liv: The one wit the backpack is kinda cute...
Jackj: Me!?!
Jackg: Nope me!
Liv: The one next to the blonde
Jackg: Haha
Nash: Aw.
Taylor: Haha I'm not in there hey!
Liv: I gotta go be back later

I left the chat and posted this on my instagram, and started getting like

Babes I'm back! 😍

User1: Omg so pretty
Cameron: You left the chat for this?
Liv: Maybe...
Jackg: Stunning, check Dms 💕💕
Nash: Woah
Carter: Damn...
Brennen: Babe text me back
Liv: You a FuckBoy, go fuck your side bitch @Brennen 🖐
Jackj: Woah!?!^^^
Alissa: My Bestfriend!!!
Chantel: Me too
Alley: Not my fault he wanted it to
Liv: Well at least I don't open my legs for anyone and everything🤷‍♀️

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