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i put the headphones over my ears, listening to the beat as she showed me the demo to the new song i would be recording. i bobbed my head to the music, smiling as i gripped the headphones. this would be a good one, i could already tell.

"we were hoping you'd be inspired to write some lyrics for that," the studio director, mari, spoke, and i nodded my head.

"i have a few ideas on what i want to do with it already," i spoke as i took off my headphones, grabbing a pen and a piece of paper.

i tapped the tip of the pen against my lips, scooting closer to her. i started jotting down a few things, and at first, they were a bunch of incoherent, all over the place lyrics. yet, with her help and some rephrasing, we agreed that the first verse could definitely work out.

"alright, go back into the booth," she nodded her head towards the small room and i did as she told me.

aeja walked towards mari, the studio director, and gave me an encouraging thumbs up. this was probably one of the few times a week that i didn't have to see geonsik during work, which made it one of the best ones. just us three ladies in the booth, making music. it almost made me forget about everything else.

i started singing the first verse, recording it a few times over and only finishing once i was happy with how it sounded. we repeated the same process a couple of times; the chorus was always the hardest part. it was the part of the song which needed to be perfect, the one that would hopefully be stuck on people's heads.

it was as if time flew by when we were in the studio. it was arguably my favorite part about being a singer and songwriter. it was when i could be myself the most, even if i didn't get to write all of my songs due to geonsik sometimes thinking they weren't good enough. thankfully, this time he wasn't around to judge them.

"i honestly think this song is going to be a banger," mari spoke, pushing her hair behind her ear. "you seem inspired today."

"yeah," i blushed slightly, clearing my throat as i gave aeja a look. "there's just been a lot of things in my head lately. and i wanted to put them into a song."

"i see," she smiled and read over the lyrics one more time. "i think you're ready to go into the booth one last time before everything is ready and we can listen to it all!"

i took a deep breath, receiving yet another encouraging look from aeja. just then, we heard a knock on the door and all of our heads turned to see who it was.

"come in," mari spoke slightly louder.

"hi, i'm sorry, i hope i'm not interrupting but i wanted to speak to mari-- oh, hi erin! hi aeja!" namjoon spoke as he peeked inside the room.

"hi," i waved and so did aeja. "we'll let you steal mari for a bit if you really need her."

"no, we can come back later," he then turned his head to look outside, speaking to someone else words that i couldn't make out.

"hi!" suddenly the door opened to reveal the rest of the guys all standing there. i chuckled as they all greeted us at the same time.

"seriously boys, do you not see we're trying to work here?" aeja spoke, shooing them with their hands. i shook my head and shrugged.

"we've been at this for hours anyway, a quick break won't hurt," my eyes landed on each of their faces before they took a little longer on jungkook's smile, which only widened as he locked his eyes with mine. i blushed and cleared my throat.

"oh, are you recording erin-ah?" yoongi spoke as he walked into the room, reaching for the sheet of lyrics. i yanked it away.

"hey, that's private!" i gasped.

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