♪ |Thomas Shelby| "Dixie Boy." ♪

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I know you've got designs on my manI see you giving him the eyeAnd I don't like what I seeAnd I know you don't want to get into it with me

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I know you've got designs on my man
I see you giving him the eye
And I don't like what I see
And I know you don't want to get into it with me

Y/N Shelby was the wife of Tommy Shelby, he was a very loyal man to her, however the female was very possessive over him, especially with Grace now working closer to her significant other. She saw the glances she'd give him, swooning.

She just watched from across the pub, her fingernails tapping on the wooden table, as she narrowed her eyes towards the blonde. Telling her to 'watch it.' Y/N was very impulsive and acted on her instinct, she was hotheaded and knew how to handle herself in a fight.

'Cause like a soldier defends his land
Well I stand up, I get up, I defend my man
So don't make me ask you twice
'Cause I asked you once and I asked you nice
Keep your damn hands off my
Dixie Boy

Y/N continued to watch as the two conversed, she knew Tommy wasn't leading the woman on, she knew he was loyal, however she didn't like the fact she was trying to get closer, inching herself closer every now and then, Y/N watched her every move with precision.

She suddenly stood from her stool, walking towards the two, a sinister smirk plastered across her face as she swayed her hips seductively when she walked.
"Ah Y/N, come along darlin'."
"We leavin'?"
"Aye, unless you'd like to stay."
"Oh no it's just I'd like to say a few words to Grace."
"Alright love, I'll be talking to Arthur when you're ready."
"Okay Tommy." She flashed him an innocent smile and watched him walk away.
She then snapped her head round to the blonde,
"Keep your damn hands off my Dixie Boy"

Well, he's sweet, isn't he?
But I'm sorry, ladies, he belongs to me
My Dixie Boy
Well, he's fine, but get in line
'Cause he's mine, he's mine, all mine, all mine

She growled, placing her hand on the bar, glaring into Graces eyes. Grace stepped back for a moment and quickly looked down.
"He's a lovely man isn't he?" Y/N looked towards Tommy who was talking to his brother. "He's mine Grace, he's a loyal man, don't think a whore like yourself can do anything about it..."
This was only one of the occasions where Y/N taught the female a lesson.

Well, I know the way that you girls operate
So keep your hands to yourself and your eyes on your own plate
It's not nice to stare

Y/N sat next to Tommy at a meal with his acquaintances and members of the family, meaning Grace was invited. Y/N mainly focused on the meal but every now and then, gave Grace a glance only to see her staring at her husband, causing her blood to boil on the spot 

Don't make me come over there
'Cause ladies, I'm a lady but please understand
When it comes to my boy, I will fight like a man
I will seek, and I will destroy
For the apple of my eye, my pride and joy
My Dixie Boy

She glared at the blonde, her fists clenched, she looked as if she was about to pounce on the woman like a lion. She was prepared to fight this woman with every inch of manhood she could possibly had, which meant using her fists, her claws to if she had the chance...

Well, he's sweet, isn't he?
But I'm sorry, ladies, he belongs to me
My Dixie Boy
Well, he's fine, but get in line
'Cause he's mine, he's mine, all mine, all mine

After the meal came to and end, Y/N smiled and escorted Grace outside, her hand on Graces lower back.
"Gracie oh Gracie... What a big mistake you seem to have made..." She laughed "I told you to watch your back, and stay away from my husband with those disgusting hands of yours..."

I'm a lover not a fighter and I don't want to have to get rough
I'm just warning you ahead of time
I can be a bitch when it comes to my stuff
So keep your damn hands off my
Dixie Boy

Y/N wrapped her hands around the blondes neck, squeezing hard, she released one hand and used it to punch Grace in the stomach, she took a knife from her pocket, stabbing her own leg with it.
"Agh!" She screamed. "Grace? Stop! Don't make me do this!"
She smirked slightly, seeing the confusion on Graces face, Y/N dug the knife into Graces stomach, turning it.

Well, he's sweet, yes indeed
Back off, hands off 'cause he's sweet on me
My Dixie Boy

Grace fell on top of Y/N, still breathing, raggedly. Tommy ran outside, hearing the disturbance, he ran to his possessive wife, gazing at the knife in her hand and the large wound on her leg.
"To-Tommy she attacked me, I- I didn't know what to do!" She cried out, her inside self smirking.
He looked to Grace, who lay on the floor, bleeding out, unable to speak.
"I should have never trusted you Grace... You tried to kill my wife..."

Well, he's fine, but get in line
Tell you one more time, the boy is mine
He's mine, mine, mine, mine, all mine, all mine

Little did Tommy know, that it was his wife who did this, killed her and made it to look like she killed Grace in self defence. Y/N felt confident she had Tommy back and didn't care about the absence of the blonde at the bar.

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