Part 11

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The ship shook violently as the blast connected with the bottom part of the hull, sending the castle spiraling though the wormhole. Exiting all together luckily but at an unknown destination.

"Is everyone alright?" Allura asked in concern, Keith and Corran were the only ones with bad responses. "Lance needs a healing pod right now!" He shouted out, just as Corran told everyone his own bad news.

"The engine was hit so we can't wormhole and the healing pods are offline, it'll take me a while to get either of them working again." Keith felt his heart drop and was over at Lances side immediately, putting pressure on the wound.

"You're going to be fine, you'll be ok. I've got you." He didn't know of he was trying to comfort Lance or himself but either way it was working - for both of them.

"It hurts." Lance gasped out, wincing as his arm shifted slightly. He took a shuddering breath and his face scrunched up in even more pain. Keith picked him up carefully, trying to ignore his groan of pain and walking out his lion, rushing to the infirmary.

He didn't know if Lance's friend was following and he didn't care.

"Corran! I need help, save him!" Corran looked at his favourite palladin in horror, staring with wide eyes before getting to work and ordering Keith to grab the first aid kit while he took off Lance's armor to get a clear view of the wounds.

"Is he going to be ok?" Keith had never felt so helpless in his whole life, just watching the person he loved so close to death was horrifying.

"I don't know, but I'll do my best." Keith nodded and stayed by his bedside, fingers twitching uncomfortably as he watched Corran disinfect Lance's wounds and wrap them up after cleaning the seemingly endless amount of blood.

Sometimes you have to wonder how much blood a body has, how much can it spill before you die?

Keith looked back towards the hallway, sneaking a look at the thick trail of blood before diverting his eyes.

Lance had passed out about five minutes ago and Corran was finally finished. "He's stable." Keith let out a loud sigh of relief then waited till Corran had left before kneeling down beside Lance and taking his hand in his own.

"I'm so sorry Lance, I should've never let this happen." He wished that Lance would wake up and tell him that everything was ok, he wanted to see his sparkling eyes again. Wanted to hear his playful voice as they sqwabled back and forth.

Yes. They had times where they were at each others throats, lashing out. Or at least, that's what it always appeared to be. Keith had never hated Lance at all, not in the slightest. He just wished he'd realised his feelings sooner.

"Please wake up, I can't do this without you." A splash landed on Lances limp hand and Keith touched his damp face to realise he was crying.

"Why are you crying mullet?" A raspy voice broke his miserable train of thought and he snapped his head up to look at the now awake Lance. "Lance!" He smiled and held onto Lance's hand tighter, fighting the urge to give the injured boy a hug. "I missed you." Lance didn't expect such meaningful, sincere words to come out from his crushes mouth but smiled nonetheless. "I missed you too."

They held another for a while, afraid of letting go and it was peacfull. A calm serenity washing over them both.

"Don't ever leave again." Keith mumbled into the bed he had faceplanted into causing Lance to chuckle a little before going into a painful coughing fit. "You ok?" Keith looked up slightly with concern and guilt, looking smaller than he usually was. "I'm fine, thanks to you." Keith looked at Lance with raw emotions and squeezed his eyes shut, his heart pounding so forcefully Lance was concerned.

"Are you ok?" Keith's whole face was a deep red as he blurted out the words had been meaning to for months. "I love you." Lance's face lit up in the same shade Keith was coated in and looked at him to see any lies or an unserious demeanour. When he found none he carefully lifted Keith's head up so they were looking each other in the eyes and smiled an honest, true smile.

"I love you too."

Keith pushed forwards and connected their lips, it was soft and filled with so much love that fireworks were going off in both of their stomachs.

It was beautiful and powerful, a kiss that could convey emotion and feelings better than any words could.

They reluctantly pulled away for air, calm and in awe at the others beauty.

Both were completely lost for words, absolutely tansfixiated on the other until there was a knock at the door and they finally turned away, still blushing.

"Hey, it's uh Matt. How's he doing?" At that Keith suddenly stopped, the name making his mouth drop open as he realised the similarities between Matt and Pidge. How could he have not noticed? He felt like the biggest idiot in the whole universe.

"Holy shit that's Matt?! Pidg- Katie's brother?" Lance nodded and laughed at how obvious that deduction was.

"It took you this long to realise?" Keith felt his cheeks turn pink from embarrisment and huffed.

"Well I was to busy watching you bleed out in my arms to pay attention to Matt!" He defended himself making the others laugh. "Right, sure. That tooootally makes sence." Keith pouted and to Lance it was the cutest thing had seen all day. There hands were still intwined and Keith heard Matt fake gag.

"Get a room you two." Lance stuck his toung out at him childishly and Keith laughed, feeling more at home than he had ever done. Had finally found a family, someone he could call his, a person who loved him just as much as he loved them.

And it was wonderful.

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