The Game

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Wind roared in her ears, as the girl scrambled up the hill. Reaching the top, freezing air surrounded her. Tiny droplets splashed onto her face and arms; a wide grin replaced the concentrating frown. Glancing down the sudden wish of wanting her jersey to be with her. Groaning, she flopped to the ground. She ignored the gasps of people around her. 'So what if the ground was dusty?' She thought and let her left hand play with the thin green string that was tied around her wrist, It was her 'life'. The yellow fabric of her team colours wrapped on her other wrist, looking down she ignored the slight pain of the fabric wrapped tightly. Deciding to ignore the fabric she breathed in the fresh still night air. Narrowing her eyes she glared down into the dark. Why they were playing at night was beyond her comprehension.

Looking down at her hands resting on her lap as she waited for the signal for the game to begin.

"Quick come with me" a voice hissed, her head snapped up to look at the person an unmistakable glare on her face

"I will stay here", she hissed back.

"But who will be my distraction?", he asked with a smirk that she knew too well.

Her hand shot up and grabbed tightly onto his wrist, "Listen here Jazz" she whispered, low and dangerous. "I want to stay here so be kind and DON'T annoy me." Standing she quickly turned away from Jazz, searching for an escape route. "Now can you do me a favour and leave me alone?" she snarled already irritated. "Please?" she added as an afterthought. Sighing she stormed away knowing that Jazz would not stop being the annoying person he can be.

The weak band that secured her long orange hair, keeping it from her face, snapped as she passed a low hanging branch, cursing under her breath she let her hair fall into soft waves. If only she had stronger hair ties. Sighing, she scrambled back down the hill. Away from the brambles, "LONDON" a voice yelled, London knew who it was without turning around to check

"What do you need Jazz?" she hissed, venom slipping into her voice, as she turned around. Jazz had to stifle a gasp of surprise. Her usually calm blue eyes were flashing with anger and hatred, like the wild sea in a storm. "Well Jazz?" She prompted impatiently. Shaking his head Jazz woke from a daze. "Why are you so angry?" he asked quietly, hurriedly stepping away as she clenched her fingers into a fist. "James" London warned as she forced herself to relax knowing that he was only trying to be a good friend. Jazz gave her a pointed look as if to say, 'I know something is wrong'.

Looking away she breathed in "It was my brothers", she said softly. Jazz only just could hear what she said leaning in he listened for what she would say next. "They always bully me" London spoke again her voice seemingly growing softer, Jazz was only half listing, she could tell. His gaze was focused on something behind her. Turning around she followed where his gaze was, he was glaring at a spot in the bush, pausing she waited to hear the sound of footsteps or a swish from the bush that could be hiding team pink. London did not need to wait for long, the sound of breathless giggles as team pink waited for the right time to strike. A soft smile graced her features "Shall we?" London asked walking over to Jazz and turned to face the bush. Without waiting for a reply, London darted to the bush and stumbled as her foot got stuck in a hole, glaring at nothing particular; London ripped her foot from the shallow hole, hobbling to where a small tree swayed in the almost still air.

Resting on the uncomfortable tree root, London ignored the bugs that landed on her arms, she let a small smile, no one saw her run and hide, round behind the tree that she was sitting next to. Then she remembered about Jazz, groaning she closed her eyes hoping that he was okay. The cool air soon helped her forget what she was worried about. "London?" a voice called out hesitantly. London's hand curled up into a fist and landed a blow on the stomach of the person, her eyes flew wide open. "Jazz!" She exclaimed, Crawling to his side she let out a sharp laugh, "you should know not to scare me!" she scolded as she helped him into a sitting position. "Don't you remember what happened Yesterday?" she asked opening his eyes Jazz had his signature smile fixed upon his face,

"I know" he said weakly "Now Let's get back to the car".


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