Gym Love: Prologue

A/N: This book is part of the Awkward Love Series and the primary story. The other three stories in the series are Office Love, Fleeting Love, and Record Love and all four of these make up the AL Series. While you don't have to read the other installments to read this story, you should consider it anyways because it greatly enhances the experience!

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As clueless as everyone assumed me, clumsy extraordinaire, Bennett Oden to be, that couldn't have been farther from the truth. I was one of the most observant people I knew... or at least I assumed. Okay, so perhaps the point was arguable. I could have easily been wrong. Hell, perhaps nobody was calling me clueless at all; I never really paid too much attention to them anyways.

Distractedness, however, was a whole other deal. That was perhaps one of my biggest issues, which was something I could whole-heartedly blame on nothing other than the fact that the world was excessively interesting. That single fact alone completely excused my constant distractedness that landed me in the most uncomfortable of situations, like falling down stairs, tripping on plain surfaces, and finding a way to harm myself on anything able to withstand my feet and or body. So yeah, perhaps I was a bit distracted. That, however, didn't even imply I was clueless.

I did notice some things, like how my grades were slowly dropping ever since I had decided to take up on that hobby of fitness. It had been almost impossible not to notice the insane dive my history grade took. However, it wasn't as if I wouldn't forgive myself for it. No. Going to the gym was necessary. Not only did I get to see extremely delicious specimen of men there, but I also happened to enjoy the art of taking care of my body, which may or may not have developed after I realized something quite horrifying:

I was starting to worry about how other men looked at me.

The realization blasted right through my consciousness since, although I had always been at a healthy weight, I didn't have huge muscles that ripped through my shirt and allowed me invincibility while simultaneously acquitting me the ability to bend metal poles in half. Blame the action movies with the hot protagonists for that trauma. Yeah, talking to you Superman, you shameless sex God.

Of course, I was not hoping to obtain them yet... or ever. But whatever, humans are but creatures with hopes and dreams, so I would dream, hope, and perhaps pray if that made a difference somehow.

What was I talking about anyways? Oh yeah, being clueless. Yeah, I was definitely not distracted... or clueless. Was that my point?

I had a routine that was one to blow all the other routines out of the water, no doubt.

The gym I went to was quite massive, which granted me the chance to stay as far away from the kind of people that made me self-conscious and want to leave. Ironically, those were also the individuals that made me want to go to the gym more often.

For example, I tried to avoid those who could run a mile quicker than the speed of sound. Like, no. Calm down... nobody's chasing you, dude. Also, those men or women that had these huge biceps kind of intimidated me a bit. I didn't mean the ones that were just plain fit. No, this went for those with biceps that were bigger than my head. Like, no... Stop trying so hard.

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