Chapter 20- Why hello there pedo snake :)

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3 days.

3. Fucking. Days.

I dropped the kunai I was carrying, staggering forward slightly. I was exhausted, to put it lightly. I’ve been screwing with my sleeping patterns too much, which is now having an effect on both of my bodies.

Luckily, I was at Orochimaru’s hideout already. As the wind blew, my hair whipped around my face, especially the hair that had come out during the trip. But, I didn’t bother to brush them back into place, I was far too tired. Halfway through my travels, I had tried to put my hair up, but it’s been stubborn recently, so I obviously failed.

My eyes roamed the lonely entrance, and I knew it was guarded. By what, I wasn’t certain. Oddly enough, I didn’t even have a plan. I’ve been winging it so far, and I assumed my luck would help me through this.

I was aware of my aching muscles, and I considered taking a rest, putting off the infiltration until tomorrow. I mean, it’s not like they were expecting me, then again, this is Orochimaru we’re talking about. Also, standing behind a tree in plain sight may not be the appropriate place to be thinking of this, Jess.

“My, my.”

Told you.

“Who have we here?” My heart collapsed in on itself, and a sharp pain set itself in my stomach. I identified it as extreme distress, along with anxiety. I didn’t even breath as I heard the crunching of leaves behind me get louder, signalling the man was approaching me.

I started doubting myself, about my abilities, and decisions.

Maybe I should’ve brought Joseph, he’s a good chap, and I’m fairly certain he’d be making the appropriate decision to run for the hills right about now. Wait, are there even hills around here? And if there are, am I even fast enough? Hell, for all I know, he’d be able to catch up to me as easily as he would a running rock! And rocks don’t even fucking run! Well, at least, all the rocks I’ve seen don’t.. See! This is why I should’ve brought Joseph! He wouldn’t be having inner monologue about rocks and shit! Fuck, even Naruto would cope better in this type of situation! We all know that!

Who the fuck am I even talking to?

“Such a pretty flower, yet, you are here, in this ghastly area. Why is that, young lady?” The male came up close behind me, pressing his chest to my back and breathing down my neck. He was at least a foot taller than I was, after all, I’ve stopped growing recently. I’ve even thought of going to see a doctor, since I refuse to be short. My neck can’t handle the constant tilt backwards to be able to look people in the eye, it gives me headaches. So, I just stare at their necks, or chests.

And I repeat, who the fuck am I even talking to?

“I’m here because I want to join Orochimaru.” As I said earlier, I’m winging it.

“Oh, really?” I could feel the doubt radiating off the unknown man. My head reeled as I tried to place a face to the voice, but I came up blank. This guy must be a filler who hadn’t appeared in the series enough to be memorized, or at all.

“Yea.” Yea? That’s all I could come up with!? Quick! Think of fanfictions! Make a lie sappy enough he’ll take sympathy on you! “My whole clan is dead, and everyone hates me.” God, I’m such a bad liar. “And, after my sensei admitted to being doubtful about my abilities, I left.” Wow, I sound like a spoiled brat who’d gotten scolded and ran away because of it. Oh well, whatever it takes to get in.

A hand was placed on my shoulder, and even through the fabric of the Uchiha snow cloak, I could feel the warms of his hand. Oddly enough, his breath was ice cold.

“How cliché. But I might as well bring you in, after all,” My breathing came out in small puffs, fear enveloping me as the hand on my shoulder increased its pressure, sending shooting pains down my arm, all the way to my fingertips. “I’m sure Lord Orochimaru would want to see the Uchiha’s pet.”

My head snapped back and a choked squeak let my lips as electricity surged through my body, making my body spasm uncontrollably.

And then I blacked out, like the wuss I was.


“Angie? Angie!” I sat up, panting hard.

Calm down.

I glared at my identical, who was without emotion.

“I can’t just ‘calm down’! I’m going to die!” Angie sighed and shook her head, and I started to admire my own hair, before refocusing.

What? My hair is sexy!

You won’t. The man said he’ll take you in, but not kill you.

“I guess… But, I don’t trust him.”

Just be calm and plan for when you wake up.

I pursed my lips, but complied. After all, Angie was the smarter, and calmer of both of us.


“Finally awake, I see.” I groaned and ran a hand through my hair. I sat up and took note that I was no longer outside, but trapped in a dark room.

“Where am I?” I mumbled, before remembering. I became alert instantly.

“Rai, you may leave now.” Someone bowed from in front of me.

“Yes, Lord Orochimaru.” I narrowed my eyes as the man turned. It was obvious he’d been experimented on.

His eyes glowed a bright, crystal blue, and his skin also had a blue aura to it. When he passed me, he hairs on my arm stood up.

“My weakest electric style user,” I heard a snake-like voice hiss from in front of me, “Yet, he managed to take you done. Surprising, really.” Unlike Rai, I knew who the voice was, even without having to hear his name spoken.

“Orochimaru.” I tried to keep the snarl out of my voice, since I was supposed to want to join him. My eyes focused on the pedo himself, sitting upon his large throne, grinning sadistically.

“Aren’t you forgetting someone?” I raised an eyebrow, before I realised who he was talking about.

Red eyes bled into the darkness beside the snake, dotted with black comma’s. Slowly, a silhouette formed, before a coloured body.

“S-Sasuke?” Orochimaru sighed, but a smile was still on his lips.

“How boring, I would’ve thought you’d kept up the act a little longer.” The words registered, and I forced my eyes away from the Uchiha.

“But, I really want to-“

“Jess,” Orochimaru grinned, chuckling slightly. “Did you not get my note? ‘I watched from the inside, out’. It was interesting looking through your eyes, Jess. Seeing things as you do.” He cocked his head to the side, “You’re a bit of an air head, but you have your moments of brilliance.”

“I resent that!” It took me a few seconds to process his words, “Wait….” My eyes became saucers, “Y-You- … WHAT?!”

“Stop playing, Orochimaru. Hurry up. I’m growing tired of her already.” It was Sasuke who spoke, surprisingly. His voice sent shivers p and down my spine, and I hated it.

“Oh Sasuke, so impatient.” Orochimaru tutted with fake disappointment.

“Yea, Duckbutt! I know you hate me, but geez! Give me a break!” Sasuke’s eyes caught mine, and my breath caught in my throat.

“Such a waste of such a sharp tongue.” Orochimaru clicked his fingers, and two men appeared behind me. “Kill her.”

My blood ran cold. “Wait, WHAT!?”


HAHAHA~! >:) I love putting jess in these types of situations ^.^ and, i love how I make people make fun of her :) So, SASUGAY IS BACKKKK which means he's going to be in it from now on ^.^ sorry for the wait... >.> but next chapter, he's in ALL of it, so~ forgive me??? :)

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