"Really? I mean..I know that we were gonna meet them today but I didn't know anything about meeting them here."

Kira physically face palmed herself.

"You were really not paying attention yesterday aren't you?"

I flashed her an apologetic smile for the second times today before shaking my head as a 'no'.

She sighed and shook her head a little.

"We were gonna have a 'get to know each other' and a bonding time with them."


"Yeah, Oh. Now stop looking so blank like that and let's get inside."

I rolled my eyes before nodding.

"Okay, let's go."

I grabbed her hand and dragged her inside after slamming open the front door.

The slamming sound sure gave the others heart attack since they were all turned towards my and Kira's direction with a hand rubbing their chest, wide eyed.

"How many times do I have to tell you to not slamming the door like that! You almost gave me heart attack!" Hannah glared at me.

I smiled sheepishly while scratching my head.

"Now, what's your excuse?" Alice asked showing her bored look.

"Yeah. What's your excuse? You had Kira panic you know." Kyla added.

"I'm sorry..I forgot about today and woke up late. I had fun with Alex and the boys last night so I sleep a little late from usual. We were watching Moana together in my room since I suffer from cramping again like I always did when I got my period. Even this morning when I took a shower, I fell on the floor due to the pain. With blood rolling down my legs, it's looked like I was miscarriage or something" I mumbled and made a face at the last part.

At the end of my explanation, I heard some guys chuckled.


And that's when I remembered that we have Xavier Will with his friends with us.

Then I thought back to what I said.

What did I say to make them chuckled?

When I realised what I have said, I blushed furiously.

Shit! I just revealed that I have my period right now to boys. Not a boy but BOYS!! My eyes watered at the thought.

"This is so embarrassing." I whimper as a tear rolled down my cheeks.

When they realised that i'm crying, they were all stopped chuckling and rushed towards me maybe to comfort me.

But before they got to touch me or say anything to me, I was pulled towards a hard body. The owner just let me cry on his chest while rocking me back to forth.

"Shhh..don't worry. We won't judge you." the owner of the body told me.

Hold on..I had heard that voice once before.

I frowned at the thought before looking up to see the owner's face.

To say that I was shocked was an understatement. The owner of the hard body and the sweet voice that had haunted me in my dream last night was none other than..Ryder.

Ryder? What is he doing here?

Ryder looked down at me due to our height difference before giving me a small smile.

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