I turned back my gaze towards one of my best friend's and my brother's direction. I saw them gulped while watching those two boys.

I smirked.

"Oh Ethan." I stretched at his name while making my looks looked innocent.

He turned to me while raising his eyebrows.

I smiled innocently before pointing towards Alex and Kira behind me without looking.

"Look at what I have found."

Ethan looked at behind me searching for something before turned his attention back to me.

"What is it?" he asked looking confuse.


I turned to my back to see that Alex and Kira were already gone.

HUH?!! Where did they go?

"Eya?" Ethan called make me jumped a little.

"Err..I think you have to take a look at your plate."

Right after I said that, Ethan eyes widened. He quickly let go of Elli causing him to fall to the floor and rushed to his seat to look at his plate.

From the look of it, I knew he would blow up anytime soon.

Elli came to my side while cupping my ears while smiling as Ethan started screaming.


Even with Elli cupping my ears, I still can hear it.

I giggle. Oh those two will be dead for sure.


I turned my head towards Kira and stared her. She had this sour looks on her face.

As if she can feel my gaze, she turned her head towards me. Oh no, scratch that. She glared at me before turning her attention back to the road.

Are you curious to why Kira were so mad at me? Well..let's just say that Ethan managed to catch Alex and Kira and it was not good. Alex got his punishment just like how Ethan did to Elli while Kira on the other hand got tickled for about three minutes.

Poor girl.

I tapped gently with my index finger on her shoulder to catch her attention. When she looked at me, I gave her a sheepish smile.

Still scowling, Kira's gaze turned back to the road.

I tapped on her shoulder again to make her looked at me again. When I got her attention, I made a funny look with my eyes rolled back and my tongue stuck out while pinching my both cheeks.

Kira tried really hard to not let out any sound which was impossible for her. She burst out laughing. Then we laughed together.

"You look so weird!" she said still laughing with a hand on her stomach while the other one glued to the steering wheel, looking ahead to the road.

"Hey!" I yelled before adding.

"I'm hurt." I faked hurt while putting my hands on my chest and pouting a little, trying not to smile.

Then we burst out laughing again together.


"Why there are so many cars here? I thought Hannah said she's gonna be alone?" I asked genuinely confused.

Kira looked at me in disbelief.

"Xavier and his friends were gonna hang out with us, remember?"

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