Chapter 4

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Day : Monday
Date : 09/04/18

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Camellia Waters' POV

"Wake up, wake up! We're gonna be late!" I heard the owner of the voice shouted at me while they kept shaking my body.

"Okay, okay! I'm up!" I said and slowly got up from my bed. I rubbed my eyes to get a clear view.

That's when I saw Kira with an angry expression.

Did I do something wrong already?

"What's wrong?"

"What's wrong? WHAT'S WRONG?!"

She shoved her watch in my face while pointing at it.

"This is the wrong! Did you fucking forgot already that we have to go to Hannah's house today?!" she shouted at me.

Yup. Totally forgot.

"I'm sorry." I flashed her an apologetic smile then gave her my best puppy eyes ever while pouting when I saw her scowling at me.

She froze a second. Blinked once, blinked twice, she groaned.

I grinned as I managed to make her forgive me. I knew she can't stay mad at me with my puppy eyes and pouting lips.

I make my way to take a shower while scratching my covered butt cheek with a towel around my shoulder.

Where did I got the towel? From Kira of course. She tossed the towel to my face as soon as I stood beside my bed. She even prepared my clothes already.

When I already done bathing, I dried myself before getting ready. I wore a light make up since we were just gonna go to Hannah's house. It's not like we were going to go to a mall or something. But if we were, i'm still not gonna wear a heavy make up anyway.

After I done preparing myself, I went out from my room to go to the kitchen since Kira was already downstairs waiting for me.

As I make my way on the stairs, I heard commotion in the kitchen making me stopped for seconds before continued walking.

Once I got there, I peeked to see no other than Elli and Ethan bickering over Ethan's food.

I moved from my spot a little to get a better view. That's when I saw Alex with an apron still on him sat on one of the stools and Kira sat just beside him taking bites after bite of Ethan's breakfast while he was not looking. They were smiling evilly at each other while nodding their head.

Seriously, Alex? Aren't you the one who cooked the breakfast? I shook my head at the thought while smiling feeling amused by whole situation.

I guess I'm not the only one who loves to steal Ethan's food.

Then an idea popped in my mind. I make my appearance in the kitchen while smiling evilly at Kira and Alex.

Let's see Ethan's reaction at this two.

I turned towards Ethan's and Elli's direction just to see Ethan had twisted Elli's right hand with his own while he had the other one around Elli's neck looking satisfied.

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