Chapter 6- Saved! Yes!

Aiden's P.O.V.

When I fell asleep on the couch, I dreamed about me and a girl chasing each other in the beach. I caught the girl and put her on my shoulder. It was then sunset, and I put her down slowly. I was holding hands with the girl, my forehead on hers, breathing slowly. We were leaning and then we kissed. When I removed my lips from her, I heard her gasp. I opened my eyes in the dream and I saw Heather.

I woke up from the dream. I turned around to see Heather gone. Where was she?! Shit! This can't be happening!

I jumped out from bed, ran to find her. If anything happens to her, I don't know what to do.

When I went to the corner, I saw shadows.

"She's over here!"

"We finally caught her!"

NO! NO! NO! I should have protected her!

Once they were coming here, I had to take them down. They finally came and I punched the 2 guys.

"Aiden?! No! Don't punch them!" Heather yelled. Was she out of her mind?

"And why not?" I growled.

"Because those are the policemen!" confused, I looked back at the 2 guys who were graoning from pain. Oops.

Another policeman was running towards us.

"Aiden Knight? Heather Maddison?" he asked.

"That's us." I replied before Heather could answer.

"Lets get you two love birds out." he joked.

"We"re not love-"

"Sure! Come on babe." I smirked at her.

Heather's P.O.V.

I went out of the pool because I heard voices.

"Ms. Maddison? It's us, the policemen!" voices yelled coming through the main door of the school.

I immediately went to the door.

"Hello? It's me Heather Maddison. Please help us. We're locked."

"Stay clam sweetheart. Who is with you right now?"

"My friend. He also studies here with me.

"Where is your friend?"

"He's at the nurse's clinic. Should I go call-" I stopped when they opened the door.

"Ms. Maddison. Go outside and wait. We will do the rest."

I leaned on the door and listened to the the policeman who was using his walkie-talkie telling them I was with a friend.

"I found Ms. Maddison. She's here with me. Contact the others to know she is safe. Also, she is with a friend who's inside the nurse's clinic."

"What's his name sweetheart?"

"Aiden. Aiden Knight." I answered politely.

"And his name is Aiden Knight. In the nurse's clinic."

"Copy that."

I went out and saw Ciara, Zach, the principal, etc. Even Mrs. Hartford was here! I was worried they might not find him. I went back to go to them, but then I saw Aiden beating them.

Aiden?! No! Don't punch them!" was he serious?! Punching them?!

"And why not?!" he growled.

"Because those are the policemen!" he was so confused he looked back and his eyes were wide. The 2 policemen were groaning. Then I heard footsteps running in our direction.

"Aiden Knight? Heather Maddison?" the policeman asked.

"That's us." I was suppose to answer, but Aiden butted in.

"Lets get you two love birds out." he joked.

"We"re not love-" I was suppose to tell him we were not love birds, but Aiden, being the smart one, answered  wrong.

"Sure! Come on babe." Nimrod. He smirked at me and I rolled my eyes at him.


Okay... He didn't admit he has a crush on her, BUT he was caring for her bevause of his dark secret which involves her. I wrote too much now for the book. Buyh-buyh!

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