chapter 8

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Rosie pov:-

"Why", it was merely a whisper, hearing my question he just bowed his head ashamed to look at my eyes.
I waited for his answer but he didn't answer. With all my might I pushed him but it was futile because he was hundred times stronger than me and in this state I didn't have any strength left, but I didn't give up I tried again but he held my hands in his stopping my actions

"Stop", he growled, I flinched at his tone and surrendered, I bowed my head tears flowing from my eyes continuously. He bought his hand under my chin and lifted my head up.

"Every werewolf marks his mate when they find each other but I waited for your consent that put my wolf in the edge, I was supposed to mark you on our ceremony but I waited for your permission, I tried to keep him at bay but ", he paused and sighed.

"When I saw you naked in the bed looking as ravishing as possible every control in me snapped, my wolf took over and I lost control to him ", he said looking in my eyes.

"You promised to not to hurt me but you did", I said sniffing.

"It was necessary to mark you if not we will go insane, your the only one who can keep us sane", he said averting his gaze towards the window.

"You could have explained me I would have accepted but why did you do by force", I kept my head on his chest and looked towards the window.

"I could have but my wolf took control and I have no control after he claims me", he kept his chin on my head.

"When will your wolf come again", I had to make sure I was away from him when his wolf makes the entry, I was still terrified of his behavior towards me and I don't want to meet him again. I can get used to him but not his wolf.

"He takes control mostly when he is angry or when he is at the edge, other times when I summon him he will take control", we stayed silent after he explained things to me , I didn't know many things about them, I'm still learning little things about them.

"What happened after you marked me", I asked lifting my head to see him.

"After I marked you, you fell unconscious for two days, you had high fever and today only you woke up", my jaw dropped, I was unconscious for two days and I didn't realize that.

"What was that pain I felt when I woke up", I was more confused now.

"The royal doctor and council members were here to check on your health, their presence made the pain because your body only needed me to comfort you, so when you came into my arms all the pain were numbed", that explained why I was so irritated by their whispering.

"It is very normal, every female mate goes through this kind of pain but its just for an hour or two but your a human so the pain was ten times greater than them for you", he answered before I could.

"So am I forgiven?"

"No, you didn't ask forgiveness from me, yet", he chuckled at my words, his laugh bought unwanted tingling sensation in my stomach.

"My little rose, I'm the king and I don't ask for forgiveness".

"And I'm the Queen so if you want my forgiveness then you should ask", I raised my eyebrow at him, his hand  squeezed my waist, I gasped when I saw his eyes turned black with golden swirls.

"Is he coming", I gulped seeing his eyes change to golden, I was terrified of his wolf and what he is capable of. His eyes now were completely golden notifying that his wolf as the control.

"Yes, mate", his voice was rougher and aggressive. I stayed still not wanting to make him more angry than he is, I sighed in relief as I realized that I was dressed in white nightdress so he will lose more control and do something to me.

"Are you scared of me", his wolf asked leaning towards my neck and kissing the mark, I bit my lip to stop myself from moaning.

"Yes", it was barely a whisper.

"Why?", He roughly pushed me on the mattress and hovered above me, I bit my lip to stop screaming that would make him more angry , I had to play safe.

"Because you scare me", I said hoping he would just go back.

"You should know that we both are same person and you can't be partial with us", he growled rubbing his nose in my neck and this time I couldn't stop the moan. His hand went inside my nightdress and raised them till my waist , I thanked the person whoever dressed, I was wearing a pink panties.

He went down kissing my stomach then my hips, he nibbled the skin just above my womanhood, I moaned loudly throwing my head back and squeezed my the blanket. He skipped that part and kissed my inner thighs. I can't stop myself or him, it was like I had no control on my own body. He kissed till my ankle and came back up to kiss my lips, I kissed him back with the same hungry ,my body was on fire I had no control.

The knock on the door interrupted our hot session. He had a murderous look on his face , others would have been trembling just seeing his face but I surprisingly was not scared of him but to the person standing outside the door. He fisted his hands and got up but I quickly hugged him, keeping his face in the crook of my neck to calm him down which worked as he inhaled deeply my scent. His eyes were still golden ,now I was scared of him but not terrified.

"Calm down", I said waiting for him to react something but it was none.

"What is it", he asked not to me but the person other side of the door, his head was still in my neck and I kept running my fingers in his hair which was surprisingly soft to keep him calm.

"The human king and queen are here, king Alpha"


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