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Day : Saturday
Date : 07/04/18

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Camellia Waters' POV

"Make way! I said MAKE WAY!!"

"Whoa..why the rush shorty?" Elli asked me after moving aside as I kept shouting at him.

Elli or his real name Elliot was my 23 years old brother. He was the second son to our parents with blonde hair and a pair of dark blue eyes which was he got from our father. Since our parents had died 4 years ago, he and my other two brothers took their role as an older brother and took a good care of me since I was the youngest.

Yup, you heard it right. Our parents had died from a car crash when they were on their way to a restaurant to celebrate their anniversary for the 21st years.

To make our lifestyle stay as before our parents gone, Alex, the eldest with blonde hair on his head and with my mom's dark brown eyes, take over our dad's company right after he reached 24 years old which was 3 months ago. But before Alex taking over, our father's close friend helped us to manage the company.

Now that Alex had to take over the company, he had gone overseas to finish the course as a new owner for 3 months. As I count the date, he was supposed to be back here in three or four days.

As for my third brother, his name was Ethan. He was 20 years old. There was not much actually about him since he was the most normal brother to compare with the other two. He was a brunette just like me. And he also had dad's dark blue eyes like Elli. Oh! And when I say he was normal, it didn't mean he was normal like others' brother should be. He was just more mature than Alex and Elli. Other than that, he would be just like those two idiots.

Me on the other hand, like I already told you, was the youngest and a brunette but with my mom's dark brown eyes just like Alex. And like how Elli called me just now, I was obviously a shorty. How so? well..I was 17 years old but my height made me looked like I was younger than that. I stood at 4'10". See? I didn't even reached 5 feet. Other than me, they were all tall just like my father.

"I'm in hurry to go to school!" I said while wearing my shoes.

"Poor little girl. You will be late to school again?" he cooed.

I rolled my eyes.

"Shut up. Where is Ethan anyway? He supposed to be here before me."

"Oh he already went to his college like 10 minutes already."

"WHAT?! But he supposed to go with me! I already told him yesterday to wait for me since my bike was sent to the workshop last night!" I yelled, getting furious.

Elli laughed loudly at me but stopped abruptly when I gave him a look.

"Let me send you then. I'm not going to my college today anyway." he said while scratching his neck smiling sheepishly.

I beamed at him.

"Let's go then." I said grabbing his wrist and dragged him to his car.


I kissed Elli's cheek before jumping out from his car

"Thank you, Elli! Drive carefully okay! Bye!" I said while running to get inside the school and waving at him.

"Okay! Be a good girl and avoid getting trouble will ya?" he replied while waving at me too.

"Okay!" I yelled not even looking back while making an 'ok' sign.

"Thank god I make it! Phew." I said to myself while wiping my imaginary sweat.

Let's hope i didn't get any trouble today. I nodded at the thought.

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