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Amber's pov;

As I was returning back to class from the office I seen Taylor and Tracy I think that's her name. I got closer to them and winked at Taylor as they was talking; I continued walking until I heard my name being called. I turned around with a smirk on my face "what's up, I said "why you do that shit, Taylor said "do what hun?, I said "I thought we was keeping lowkey, I snarled "we are but I feel like I should be known to your so called girlfriend, Amber said "no you don't she will knock yo ass out with one punch don't climb up that tree, Taylor said "she ain't gonna do shit, Amber said "I ain't?, Tracy said coming up behind me "is that a challenge, Amber said "no let's go Tracy, Taylor said. Taylor grabbed Tracy's hand and walked away towards the other way; I smirked walking away going upstairs to the gymnasium. You wonder why I'm going up there well only to pay a friend a visit.

I went inside and seen her sitting there with a black eye damn who whooped her ass. I laughed to myself about the joke "you alone, I asked "yeah, she said "okay, I said "why can't you leave them alone, she asked "stfu Miranda this has nothing to do with you, I snarled "but still she's happy, Miranda said "Idc Taylor is mines!, I said "so is that why you made me cheat on the love of my life so I can get my ass beat and broken hearted, Miranda said "yes, I said "that's it I'm gone, Miranda said "leave and I'll tell the whole school about you getting balled on and your abortion, I said "you are just a bitch, Miranda said "duh that's me, I chuckled "so what's the plan, Miranda said "okay so I'm going to trick Taylor into breaking up with Tracy by telling her she's cheating on her with jordan so they will turn against each other, Amber said "that's to evil I like it, Miranda said "okay let's go already it smells like sweaty dicks, Amber gagged "okay, Miranda said

Taylor's pov;

The bell had rung meaning it was time to get the fuck up out of here; I walked out the class going down to my locker. I twisted in my combo and placed my things inside before closing it; I went over to wait for Tracy at her locker. Amber came walking by with Miranda I started chuckling as I seen Miranda's eye "nice eye, I laughed "akiki bitch, Miranda said "you want another ass whooping, Tracy said walking up behind her "no no I'm gone, Miranda said. Her and Amber scurried away in fear; Tracy came up beside me and smooched my cheek I smiled as she rubbed my cheeks. "Why you're cheeks so soft, Tracy giggled "lol I don't know baby, I laughed; Tracy twisted in her combo opening up her locker grabbing her gym bag and cheer shoes. "Don't go baby, I pouted "you'll see me at seven remember, Tracy smiled "ughhh fineee, I said "give mama some sugar, Tracy chuckled; I pecked her lips before walking off to the bus. I got on the bus and sat in my normal seat which is by Tracy but she isn't here sooo I'm lonely.

The bus arrived in front of my house; I went down the steps stepping onto the concrete. "Bye, I said "bye Taylor, the bus driver said; I went up to the front door and opened the door walking inside. I closed the door behind me and laid my bookbag in the corner as I went over into the kitchen; I grabbed a granola bar and a apple juice before leaving out. I went upstairs to my room and plopped on my bed opening my granola bar taking a bite of it; i grabbed the remote off my night stand and turned on the tv. As I finished eating I started to drift asleep since Tracy was at practice I decided to get a nap in.

Author Message : Mature Audience Only Contains Sexual Contact And Strong Language

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