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After I got dressed, I went back to Zaye's room to say goodbye. I opened her door, and she was Asleep. I chuckled to myself and went over to her bed. I pulled the covers over her and kissed her Forehead. Then I cut her light off and walked out of her bedroom closing the door quietly. 

 When got to work, I greeted Everybody and my assistant walked over to me. "Good evening Ms. Graves." I smiled "Journee You ain't gotta be professional around me all the time. Just when we have meetings and shit." She laughed "Oh Thank God." I chuckled "Anyway what's the news."  She pulled out her notes. "Okay, so Auditions for New dancers are being held Saturday. Since you won't be able to make it who do you want to be there to choose the dancers?" I sat my stuff down in my Chair. "I want you and Aaliyah to be there" "Okay. Next thing. The city of Doms called. They want to set up a meeting to work with us. What day are you available?" I opened my Calendar on My phone. "I'm available Wednesday From 5-11," She wrote it down. "Lastly Kaydence Can't make The show Next Week. So We need somebody else to Compete against Camille" I sighed. "Umm  Get Skylar to do it." She wrote it down and walked out. I Put my stuff in the closet and sat down in the chair. "Rough night huh?" I looked up to see my Sister. "Vee what are you doing here. You too young to be here girl." She ignored the question. "Does mom know you're selling these people's bodies." I frowned. "Vee I ain't selling no one's body. It's an entertainment business. They are dancers they strip. They ain't no damn Prostitutes. She rolled her eyes. "Mama got a new boyfriend, He drinks a lot. I sighed. "Vee I'm sorry. Stay in here and watch Tv You can Go home with me tonight. Imma talk to mama in the morning. " She nodded and I  walked out and closed the door. 




When I woke up, Tye was gone. I sighed and got out of the bed. I miss her already. Tye doesn't come around often. I know she wants to and tries to, but she's alway's busy. I know she works at night, so She has to get her rest during the day. I made up my bed and went downstairs to get something to eat. Before I made it down. I heard A male's voice. I rolled my eyes and Sighed. It's probably just her Annoying ass boyfriend. I don't like his ass. He pretends to like me, only to get drunk and beat my ass later. I never told my mother, because When he's not drunk. He's actually taking care of her and I can tell They really care for each other. I went back up to my room and locked the door. I grabbed my phone keys and packed a bag. I can't stay here tonight. I climbed out my window and got on my bike and drove to Tye's house. 

When I got there, I parked my bike and Knocked on the door. The lights came on and Zaye came to the door. "Baddie what you doing here?" She asked confused. "I need to talk to Tayzia" She yawned. "Baddie She at work come in though" I went inside and sat down on the couch. She closed and locked the door. "Baddie you too young and it's too dark for you to be out here i these streets." I shrugged my shoulders. "Nothing I can't handle" She sighed. "Tye Won't be here until 12. So let  me show you to her room so you can get some sleep." I grabbed my stuff and she showed me to her room. I sat my stuff down and Sat on her bed. "Where does she work? I asked" She sat down next to me. She owns a business A hour away from here." I nodded my head. "Now get some rest. I'm sure you have school tomorrow." She closed the door and I took out my phone to call a lyft. 

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