Chapter 30

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The water took Addy along with it through the current. At some point, Addy's seraph blade cut her leg, causing more blood to come.

The current took her to the Jade Wolf. Where Luke Garroway found her washed up on the dock.

He immediately dialed Magnus, seeming as he could heal her.


"Ahh, Luke, head of the pack, nice to see you"

"I have Addison"

"T-that's impossible. Valentine took her"

"Yeah, Well shes here, call the kids at the institute, I'll meet you there"

"Orders, cops and their orders"

"What did Valentine do to you?" Luke asked. He checked her pulse, faint but still there. He picked her up and put her in his car.

He drove to the Institute, as fast as he can. To normal Mundane eyes, the Institute is a worn down church.

But if you look closely it's not so run down.

Magnus was already inside when Luke ran into the Institute, carrying Addy's body.

Magnus came up first. "Set her on the table" He directed.

"Magnus! Luke! What's going on?" Clary asked with Alec and Izzy next to her.

"Addy!" Alec called rushing forward. The two girls did the same and watched as Alec cupped her head.

"What happened?" Izzy asked

"Her body was at the Jade Wolf, her leg was cut, along with a lot of other injuries, I didn't know what happened I called Magnus and rushed over" Luke said.

"Can you heal her?" Clary asked.

"I don't know how long she's been like this," Magnus said

"Valentine took her the other day!" Alec yelled "Please Magnus, you gotta help her"

Magnus sighed. "Step back" he instructed. The group stepped back giving Magnus enough space to heal her.

Magnus produced a blue light from his hands, and pushed it towards Addy. In her veins you could she the blue light travel then disappear.

Her breathing evened out. But she did not wake. "Can we take her to her room?" Izzy asked.

"Yes, I suppose." Magnus said. Alec gently picked up get body. Addy had dark brown hair, like the Blackthorns, and she had their blue-green eyes.

She didn't think about it much until she actually found out she was a blackthorn.

The group walked down the hall to her room. Isabelle's room always had clothes somewhere. Addy, on the other hand, kept things neat, though she never made her bed. Which upset Marsye when the kids where younger.

Alec laid Addy down on the bed. Everyone sat down and waited while Addy was recovering.

"Magnus, why did you date Addy in the first place?" Clary asked.

"Oh, that question," Magnus said "We just did. I always did have a thing for dark hair and blue eyes."

"Its a serious question" Clary said. She spoke for all of them. Addy never gave a valid reason for why they dated. They never really knew they were dating.

"At the time, she was just about to leave Idris, we met at her Peacekeeper ceremony, we had a few drinks together, then she went back to New York, and so did I. We kept meeting and eventually started dating, happy?" Magnus said with a bit of sass.

"So basically you two met when you were drunk?" Izzy asked.

"No, not necessarily" Magnus said.

Addy started coughing, she spat up a mix of sea water and blood. She opened her eyes.

"Addy!" Everyone said calling her name.

"What do you all want now?" She groaned pushing herself into a sitting position, ignoring the pain in her body.

"A-are you Okay?"

"How are you here?"

"What happened?"

"Where's Jace?"

"Is He Okay?"

"It's great to know you all care about my well being." Addy replied. "And yes thanks for asking I am fine"

"We are just worried" Izzy said sitting next to Addy.

"Yeah sure" Addy said

"It's great to know that you almost died, but your sarcasm is still intact" Magnus said

"Harhar" She said.

"What happened?" Alec asked

"Nothing much, Valentine, Carson, Death, Powers, you know, the usual" Addy said

"Were being serious" Clary said

"I just learned my power, what Valentine wants me for, he used the cup. Not on me but on some other members. Then someone pretended to be Clary, and then I got chained up and I got beat up, then Valentine told me my powers. Jace told me what he wants me for, and made me escape using my so called powers, then I ended up here"

"What powers? How did that help you escape?" Izzy asked

"I don't know, it's all a blur, I just remember taking Carson and pushing him into the wards, he died, but like how a demon dies, he turned into ashes when he touched the wards, but I can go through wards so I used it as a loophole and escaped" Addy said

"That's why Jace couldn't come" Alec said

"He'd die." Addy said

"Wheres Valentine?" Clary asked

"I don't know, it was night, and then I was under the ship most of the time, then I was in the water" Addy said "you can't track it either, it's over water"

"We're just glad your back" Clary said

"Clary, promise me you will never join Valentine, or go to where he is" Addy said.

"Why would I?" Clary asked

"Jace. Look, you try to do the right thing, even though it ends up with us either injured, dead, or in trouble with the Clave, but Valentine wants you there, so please don't go" Addy said

"I promise I won't" Clary said

"Can you give me and Clary a minute" Addy asked

"Sure, don't kill each other" Magnus said

"I won't" Addy called as the three walked out.

"What's wrong?" Clary asked

"If you do decide to go with Valentine, you're bringing me with you." Addy said

"I wasn't going to go, but okay?" She said

"Good, and I'm sorry, I was a bitch, I just hated change, after everything has been calm for so long" Addy said

"It's okay, I understand" Clary said. Addy reached over and pulled her into a hug.

"Thanks for understanding."


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