So Near, Yet So Far

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Have you ever been in love with a person you are close to?

Confusing and scary, right?

Confusing in a way that you're not sure of what you feel. Is it love or is it because you have gotten used to being with that person that's why you think you're in love when in fact it's just pure friendship?

Scary because what if it doesn't turn out the way you want to be? Would you be willing to risk that friendship? What if you two aren't really meant to be together? Will the friendship still be there? Or will it vanish together with the relationship?

They say that love is about sacrifice. But what if the "sacrifice" for the sake of love is the friendship that you guys have?

Are you still willing to sacrifice?

Or are you willing to keep your feelings to yourself just to be sure that your friendship with each other will be saved?

This story is about friendship and risks.....

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