Coffee beans, part 11

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Fletchs pov:
Me and Zosia and Jac and little Emma sat in the coffee shop, Pulses, underneath the hospital. I had to be back up in Darwin in an hour. Jac and Zosia chatted whilst me and Emma pulled silly faces at one another.
"Mummy isn't well." Emma said solemnly, taking my hand. I looked over at Jac, who was still chatting away to Zosia.
"I know." I said, knowing I had to be careful with what I said,"but we're making her better."
"Mummy talks about you a lot." Emma said, folding her arms.
"She does?" I said, looking at Jac who was deep in conversation.
"Oh yes, all the time. It's okay, I know you love her." Emma said, her big blue eyes lighting up.
For a little girl, she was quite smart.
Suddenly, Jac tunes into the conversation.
"Love who?" She said, scooping Emma up onto her lap.
"Fletch loves you." Emma said, her eyes bright.
Jac looked embarrassed and Zosia stifled a laugh.
"No he doesn't." Jac said, looking at me with a stern look as if to ask what I'd told her.
I shrugged. Zosia caught us looking at each other and smirked.
"Lovebirds." Zosh muttered, setting her and Emma into a fit of giggles.
Jac looked down into her lap.
"Zosh, could you and Emma go outside for a minute? We'll be right with you."Jac said quietly.
"Sure." Zosia smiled, holding out her hand to Emma,"common Emma if we hurry up, we might be able to get an ice cream from the ice cream man just up the road a little."
Emma jumped up and grabbed Zosias hand. Zosia smiled at Jac and walked away with Emma.
"Jac..." I said, not quite looking her in the eye.
"What did you tell my daughter."Jac said, anger in her voice.
"Nothing Jac I promise. She just told me you talk about me all the time."I smirked.
Jac nodded and wheeled herself carefully to be next to me and faced me. I looked into her emerald green eyes and smiled a little. Suddenly, she was leaning in and I felt her lips on mine. It was so unexpected that I froze for a second, and then I kissed back.
All our feelings for each other that we'd bottled up were in this one kiss. Jac broke away, her lips inches from mine and smiled. She was about to say something when we heard something.
"LOOK ZOSHY MUMMY AND FLETCH ARE KISSING." We heard a little girl yell.
We turned to see Emma, with a big ice cream and her hand in Zosias. Zosia was smiling massively, laughing a little.
Jacs cheeks went a dark shade of red as Emma come running to her mum, Zosias running alongside to keep hold of Emma's hand.
"Mummy, do you love Fletch. Be honest."Emma said, licking her ice cream.
Zosia sniggered at Emma. I smiled, looking Jac up and down.
Jac patted her lap for Emma to sit. Emma sat and smiled up at her mum.
"Me and Fletch like each other very much, is that okay with you." Jac said, curling her daughters plait round her index finger.
"Yeah mummy, I like Fletch. He sings the spider song." Emma grinned.
"Zosia, take Emma back up to my room, I'll be up in a second." Jac smiled, raising her eyebrows. Zosia raised her eyebrows back and picked up Emma, and put her in her hip.
"Let's go young lady, mummy's orders." She said.
"Okay auntie Zosia."Emma smiled and licked her ice cream.
Zosia and Jac were so close that Zosia had become an auntie to Emma.
Zosia and Emma walked away, leaving me and Jac.
"Jac... you didn't have to do that."I started.
"Fletch, we need to stop going round the houses. Are we in a relationship."Jac said, biting her lip.
"I don't know, do you want to be?"I said, taking her hand and stroking my thumb along her knuckles.
"I wouldn't be asking if I didn't want to."Jac said sarcastically.
"Is that a yes?" I wondered aloud.
"Yes. Yes fletcher, we are in a relationship."Jac smiled, squeezing his hand.
I smiled, shaking with excitement. What just happened? I thought this would never happen.
"Take me back up to Darwin?"Jac asked.
"Yep."i said, getting up and pushing Jacs chair. I heard her gasp.
"Brakes."She said, a hint of laughter in her voice.
"I have driven on of these things before, Thankyou."I said, taking the brakes off.
I heard Jac laugh below me as I wheeled her out of Pulses coffee shop.
Today couldn't be more perfect...

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