Sold My Soul For Rock And Roll

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Have you ever had a dream that you wanted to come true, no matter what the cost? For most people that'd be a fancy car, or a big house, right? But for me, the only thing I ever wanted was to be a rock star. Not one of your open-mic wannabes; a full blown, stadium-filling, LEGEND. I wanted the likes of Metallica and Sabbath to be my supporting artists on my sold-out world tours. 

As you get older, some dreams die out. Hell, if they didn't, I'd probably be a football player who acts like Buzz Lightyear on the weekends. But this particular dream stuck with me throughout my childhood, and well into my teenage years. I was determined to become my generation's rock icon, no matter what it took. 

Don't get me wrong, I was pretty good at what I did. I had a decent voice, and I could play guitar, but "pretty good" doesn't fill stadiums. I wanted to be THE BEST. This is the story of how I sold my soul to accomplish my dream.

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