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                Taylor's pov;

The bell rung as I left out the bathroom; the halls flooded with students. I pushed past people trying to go to third bell; I accidental pushed into Tracy causing her to fall down "oh shit I'm so sorry Tracy, I said "it's fine, Tracy said getting up "I didn't see you I was trying to get past, I said "I understand, Tracy chuckled "come on let's go to class, I smiled. We locked hands as we walked down the hall to our third bell; I went in first with her coming in behind me we sat in usual seats which we're in the mid back away from everybody else. The teacher came rushing through the door which caused all of us to look at her; she almost slipped her coffee trying to make it to her desk with her makeup in her other hand. She finally reached her desk dropping her makeup out her arms onto it "are you okay Mrs Georgia, Tracy asked "yes sweetie I'm fine, Mrs Georgia said "Okay, Tracy smiled. I swear Tracy is so beautiful out of everybody I mess with it's like damn I really wanna spend my life with this girl but how if I'm already cheating on her but I mean like we aren't official yet soooo I'm not in the wrong.

I snapped out my daze as Tracy was waving her hands in my face. "Baby you sure you're okay, Tracy said worried "yes yes I'm fine, I said "you've been zoning out lately, Tracy said "yeah I just tend to do that a lot it's just a habit, I shrugged "okay well are you coming over tonight, Tracy asked "yeah what time?, I asked "around 7 probably, Tracy said "okay babe, I said "I love when you call me baby or babe it makes me feel special, Tracy blushed "get used to it sweet cakes, I said "I will babe, Tracy blushed "okay class today we're on the laptops today, Mrs Georgia said "hey babe can you grab mines to, I asked "yeah sure, Tracy said. Tracy walked away heading down to the laptop cart; I took out my phone to check it And seen a text from Skylar (Great Kiss Babe 😘) I smirked as I deleted the message so Tracy wouldn't see. I'm starting to feel like one of these jocks all they do is play girls then promise something to one girl but don't even keep it and that makes me angry because they Some play heads but it's not like I forced Tracy to like me or any of them girls welll maybe Skylar that's all.

I looked up and seen Tracy heading back towards me I quickly put up my phone and studied notes trying to act normal. "Here babe, Tracy said heading me my computer "thanks babe, I said grabbing it "so we have to get online and research our favorite rapper, Tracy said "ightyyy I got it, I said. I logged onto my computer as Tracy checked her phone; I went to my internet and searched up favorite rapper which is Lil Uzi because I'm weird like him plus his music is a banger. I copied and pasted some info into a paragraph and emailed it to Mrs Georgia as I closed my computer "I'm finished, I said "great, Mrs Georgia said. Out of nowhere the fire alarm started blaring I grabbed Tracy's hand as we left out the class with everybody; everybody was pushing and shoving anybody out the door. We walked down to the end of the driveway making room for the fire truck pulling in "wtf these be out of nowhere and I hate em, I huffed "but you finished your work so why you complaining, Tracy asked "because I'm lazy, I chuckled "yes you are very, Tracy giggled "hush up, I smirked.

Somebody bumped into me as we we're waiting to go back in; I jerked my neck back so quick to see it was Miranda and her dumbass friends "aye bitch watch where you going, I snarled Miranda stopped in her tracks and turned around flipping that nappy ass weave everywhere "bitch what you just say to me, Miranda said "I said watch where you going BITCH, I said emphasizing "you a bitter bitch just like your sister, Miranda chuckled "aye now don't fuck with my girl and my sister in law, Tracy snarled "what you gonna do, Miranda chuckled "you really wanna try me, Tracy asked. She stepped closer in Miranda's face; Miranda stood there smirking in her face oh shit it's about to go down! "What you gonna do slut, Tracy asked "this, Miranda said spitting in Tracy's face. My jaw dropped wtffff I can't believe she just did that; I seen Tracy fist ball up and her cheeks turn red wellll I tired to tell Miranda. Tracy punched Miranda dead in her face knocking her out cold "don't ever spit on me in your fucking life bitch, Tracy said spitting on Miranda "alright let's go babe before we get in trouble, I said. I grabbed Tracy hand and pushed past people in the crowd back towards the school; we went inside back to class with everybody else. I'm thinking to myself like wtf just happened I never knew Tracy had hands like that yoooo. "So how you just knock her out like that, I asked "I been boxing since I was six so I have a lot of experience, Tracy said "man I do not wanna play fight with you anymore, I chuckled "hush up I won't hurt you, Tracy said "naw I'm not taking no chances at all, I laughed "girrrllll, Tracy said playful

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