Chapter 2: Big Blind

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Nyxa knew that she should be screaming for help and making a scene instead of walking beside this stranger towards his car maintaining the pretense that she was a dignified royalty. But, apparently her pride would sometimes outdo her survival instincts. This was one of those times.

They stopped beside a sleek, black Bugatti La Voiture Noire and he opened the door then held it for her. She had hoped that he was driving a four-door so she could sit in the backseat and pretend that he's her newly-acquired driver. But, luck wasn't on her side.

She mutely slid into the seat and did not even bother looking at him when he got inside the car. She was surprised, however, when he leaned sideways to fasten her seat belt.

"I can do that myself," she coldly said. "You don't have to feign that there's something noble about you because I know better.

"How typical of a spoiled heiress to think that she knows better. It's true what they say, you get to know one, you'll get to know all..."

She gave him an icy glower.

He laughed. "I am never going to pretend to be something I am not when I am around you, Nyxa Tantoco. You and I, we're way past that. Don't read too much into my actions, khriso mou, it just might drive you crazy."

She knew that she should give him a mouthful, but, her predicament wasn't entirely his fault and she knew that, too. Just wait until I get my hands on you, Janus! I really am going to make you pay for this!

"Ready?" he asked before he turned the engine on.

She wanted to ignore him but her curiosity got the better of her. "Where are you taking me?" she asked, her calm demeanor not betraying the rage that she was feeling inside.

"Somewhere fun," he answered almost teasingly. "I am sure the princess to the Tantoco Empire knows how to have fun, too." he going, Nyxa! Don't go there! There are witnesses! He's not going to do anything vile! she quietly told herself trying to be logical amidst her growing panic.

She stole a quick glance at him. "You're not...a rapist...are you?"

"No rapist would answer that question," he laughingly replied.

Okay, Nyxa, stay calm and focused—

"I am not going to harm you, relax," he said.

She logically doubted his words. Ano ba talagang balak nito...?

She knew that he's filthy rich because the Bugatti that he's driving is one of only twelve in the world. Her brother had desperately wanted the La Voiture Noire but it nearly cost a billion and their father would not shell out that kind of money for what he called as nothing but a mode of transport.

"Why would you spend a fortune on something that's going to be a liability? Do you even use your head, Janus?" Emilio Tantoco had asked his son when the younger man had whined endlessly about getting the limited edition car.

"But, Dad, I would be the only one to drive such a luxurious vehicle in the country, that would be some plus points for our family—"

"How is spending nearly a billion for a ride that's going to need money regularly spent for its maintenance a plus for the family? It's just a mode of transport with a value that diminishes as soon as it's taken out of the factory's garage!"

"Dad, I can sell it after five years—"

"Are you really trying to sell me an idea where I pay a billion and get less than fifty percent of that in a few years' time? Gamitin mo nga ang kokote mo! Anything that doesn't earn money is a liability! So, you better earn your keep, Janus, before I consider you one of my liabilities!"

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