Chapter 1: All In

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She's bored. She knew that she should have just gone home but she also knew just how reckless her older brother could get when it came to gambling. Janus would always claim to lose himself in the game and tonight she decided that she was going to be his determiner if he was staking too much.

Her gaze fell on the remaining handful of chips—which started as multiple piles—in front of him and nearly clucked her tongue. Janus just doesn't know when to stop...she thought to herself.

Her brother is two years older and other than his obsession with winning—which came hand-in-hand with losing large at the betting table—he's the perfect older brother.

She looked at his profile and wondered what made her brother think that he was a good poker player when he couldn't seem to keep a straight face – his jaw was determinedly clenched and his eyes were restless.

"Fold..." Wilson Ho, the eldest son of H Pharmaceuticals Inc. said.

Oh, God, Janus, why don't you just fold? she quietly asked swallowing a sigh. She knew that Janus should have folded hours ago because it wasn't obviously his night but he was being stubborn.

She made a mental calculation of how much her brother had already lost and inwardly winced. Thirty-eight million and counting. Dad is going to throw a fit again.

She was wise enough not to show any hint of impatience although she was tempted to just kick her chair and leave. But, aside from being addicted to poker, her brother was extremely superstitious – he believed that one's actions could invite or shoo luck away.

This better be the last game. I'm freaking hungry.

She should have known what her brother had in mind when he casually mentioned that he wanted a change of scenery and she should have realized where they were headed when he had told her to bundle up.

"I don't want you to get cold, Moppet. Go get a jacket."

Hours later and she found herself inside in the exclusive millionaire's gaming room in Tagaytay.

"Jan, you knew Dad said—"

"I know what Dad said, Moppet. But I promise isang game lang. I haven't played in months."

But five games later and her brother did not show any hint of quitting.

Argh, Janus, you tricked me into going with you because you knew your bodyguards are not going to let you go by yourself!

Their parents realized that her brother needed help and they paid for the best rehabilitation facility money could buy. More than a month after his therapy ended and her brother managed to keep himself off gaming rooms. Until today.

Her back was starting to ache from sitting up straight and she wanted nothing more than to just slouch in her seat while eating burger and fries but she knew that she had to keep up appearances—Emilio and Josefa Tantoco's only daughter never slouched and wouldn't be caught dead eating burger and fries from a fastfood.

Yes, they're a family of snobs.

She discreetly looked at the man sitting opposite them careful to keep her face blank. He's been winning all night yet she knew that he wasn't a regular at the exclusive gentleman's club where all the males of their family are members.

Who is this guy? He doesn't look familiar at all...

Everyone knew anyone in their small tight circle and she and her brother grew up and rubbed elbows with the young men sitting on their table.

He must be someone really rich and well-connected...she candidly thought completely aware that no one was allowed to step inside the exclusive club without a recommendation from a senior member and fat bank accounts to boot.

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