A Wannabe Assassin: Chapter 5

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The only thing Joey could think about after he came back from the hospital was to get laid. That's right. He wanted love. Needed it, rather. 

After an unintentional failed attempt, he felt like giving up. He felt like a total failure and a messed up guy. Opportunities and chances were thrown into his face. Yet he managed to mess it up.

He locked himself in his house, and went to an online dating website and searched for a nice young lady.

Smara Thompson - 43 

Too old. Plus she has a zit, he thought.

Rufli Veena - 20

Too young.

Merlyn Davis - 34


He phoned her up.

"Hello, " a female voice answered.

"Merlyn Davis?" Joey asked.

"Yes, who's this?"

"Joey Millers. I found you on a dating website."

"Ah I see. I charge $500 dollars," she said.

Joey's jaw dropped. Five hundred? Where would he go for that money?


"Okay. I'll meet you in ten."

"Can't wait."

Joey pondered about what to do about the money. He went to his food stash and took the remaining balance out. He had six in total. Deciding to starve for a couple of days, he got into his car, and drove.

Ding dong.

A beautiful looking woman answered the door. She looked at Joey questioningly.

"Er, I'm your one night stand for today," he replied. 

"Right. Follow me, " Merlyn said, sashaying her hips. Joey got a little excited.

"You wouldn't mind helping me out with a little bit of chores will you, " she asked Joey huskily.

Totally smitten by her, Joey nodded.

Merlyn turned on the music, and danced as she mopped the floor. Joey helped do the dishes, while dancing along with her. 

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