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I gripped the handle of the door tightly, frozen in place. There were more groans behind me. I let go of the handle and slowly turned around.

Bane was slowly moving, struggling. I turned around completely and slowly walked toward him. I was practically on my tip toes, trying not to make a sound.

When I got closer, I was almost able to see the full extent of his damage. He was bloody...very bloody. His mask was laying on the floor a few feet away from him. I was unable to see his face, though.

I continued to move toward him. I was terrified, but the invisible pull I felt toward him was greater than all my fears at that moment. I'm not sure if it was my undesirable need to help everyone or just curiosity that made me go to him, but if it was the latter, curiosity may just kill the cat.

My heart was racing in my chest as I knelt next to him. He quit struggling, but he was still breathing. I slowly reached my hand toward his bloody arm, hesitating when it was less than an inch away from him.

"Uh...Bane?" I whispered awkwardly. "Bane."

He tried to turn his head, but made a pained grunt.

"I want to help you," I said, louder this time. "If you want to be helped."

He nodded his head ever so slightly, that if I wasn't completely focused on him I might have missed it.

"I'm going to turn you over...I'm afraid this might hurt," I said. I grabbed his body and, with great effort, turned him onto his back. He groaned out in pain, but didn't move. I wasn't even sure if he could move. I looked at his face and gasped. Where his nose and mouth should have been was just a scarred up mess.

I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine. He had such beautiful green/blue eyes. I couldn't help getting lost in them.

When I finally broke my trance, I looked at him and feeling kind of stupid, I asked, "does the mask just go right back on?"

He barely nodded again and I grabbed the mask. I put my hand under his smooth head and lifted it very gently. Then, I slipped the mask over his head. When the mask was back on properly, he closed his eyes and inhaled.

"I need to get you out of here. Someone will find you and kill you," I said while he got relief from his mask. "I can take you to my house."

He looked me in the eyes again, but didn't reply to my statement.

"Will you let me take you to my house?" I asked. "It will be safe. It's just outside of Gotham."

He still didn't reply. He just kept looking at me. Of course he didn't trust me, but he had to.

"If I was going to harm you or turn you over to the police, I would have left you here without your mask in a heap of pain and misery. I am trying to help you. I heard what Talia said. I was hiding the entire time. I want to help you," I said quickly.

He nodded. I began helping him sit up. When he was finally sitting up, he spoke for the first time, "what is your name?"

"[Y/N]," I said softly.

"Beautiful name," he said. I blushed and looked away for a moment.

Then, I stood up. I reached my hand down and he grabbed it. I used my other hand to steady him as he stood up. My eyes widened. I knew he was big, but he towered over me.

He was barely able to stand on his feet, so I let him lean on my shoulder. It was awkward with our height difference, but I made it work. We began walking toward the exit, but then I saw a cop walking toward the building.

"Shit! We need to hide," I said urgently. We both ducked down behind the counter in the middle of the room. Bane groaned in pain. I peaked around the counter in time to see the officer look through the door and continue down the road.

I struggled to help Bane back up to his feet. We left the building and I saw his coat lying on the pavement. I picked it up and we began slowly making our way through the city.

"You are going to have to trust me," I whispered. I knew we would see someone eventually, so I took off my own hoodie and put it over his head. I then replaced it with his warm coat. It was miraculous that we weren't spotted. We continued down the road, even as we came across people. There was too much panic for people to pay even the slightest attention to us.

It took almost an hour of walking, or should I say limping, to get to my neighborhood. I was tired from supporting his weight. He was probably exhausted.

I honestly could not believe this was happening. I was helping a terrorist, but there was something about him that I couldn't resist.

We finally arrived at my driveway. Jared, my abusive boyfriend, was not home yet. He wasn't due for a few more hours. I unlocked the door and we slowly made our way inside. My house wasn't small or big. It was a basic two bedroom house. Jared and I slept in separate bedrooms because I couldn't stand sleeping next to him any longer. Bane wouldn't be sleeping in either of the bedrooms. Jared would kill me if he knew I had another man in the house.

My dad built my house for me. When he built it, he built a safe room in the living room. The room is behind a book shelf with a keypad to unlock it. I unlocked the door and pulled it open. Inside, there was a bed, chair, first aid kit, and a camera screen. I had cameras set up all over the house and outside of the house in case I ever needed to hide.

I helped him lay in the bed. He didn't seem to be in any more pain, just weak. I removed the blood stained hoodie from his head and he looked at me. I left the room and quickly grabbed a wet cloth from the kitchen and brought it in to clean the blood off of him. By the time I returned, he was sleeping.

I cleaned all the blood off of him that I could see. I heard a slam and looked up at the screen. Jared was home early...

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