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A little bit scandalous,
But baby don't let them see it.


The night was echoed with thunderstorms and the sound of water dripping onto his roof. Harrison Caulfield was sitting alone on his wooden chair, looking through his glasses to the bills, his brain was calculating his bar's incomes, his mind was somewhere else.

   He figured it has been too long to remember the time he realized he wanted to take care of you, he knew he was not rich, he knew he was not the best, he knew he was not the one you wanted, yet he would stay if you ask him to.

   So why won't you love me? He asked to the sound of the rain.

   Someone then knocked.

   "Harrison! Are you in there?" He heard you yelling, he rushed to the door.

   Opened it up, you were soaking in the rain.

   "We need to talk." You slicked your wet hair back, let yourself behind the empty, closed bar's counter, grabbed a bottle of whiskey from the shelf.

   "You're drinking that...?"

   "I really need one right now." You poured it down to two glasses, Harrison didn't stopped you.

   "I thought you were with Parker tonight?" He asked softly, tried not to be too nosy.

   "I was." You poured the burning liquid down your throat, then coughed. "Oh... god, how pathetic..."

   "I could get you some tea? It will definitely be better than that." He looked over to the whiskey.

   "It's fine... Just, i need a favor, i said some stupid shit today." You drank more, the second sip was much easier.

   "Of course. Anything."

   You didn't say anything for so long, but Harrison waited. Finally you bit your lips so hard, blood almost couldn't flow. "I told Peter you and I are together."


   It was a confused, silent, moment for Harrison. Eventually he looked away from you and laughed nervously. "What?"

"You know i wanted to end this mess i got myself into and just live like before, we talked about that. But he won't let me go."

"So you told him you're with me."

"I can't think of someone else, and i just figured on the way back that he will be so mad, we're doomed." You moaned into the palm of your hands.

"He won't, i mean, i don't know him like you do, even if he want to i'm sure he doesn't want to be in jail again more."

"You don't understand? With wealth and power like his he can getaway with it." You started talking too dramatic, alcohol already done something.

"Your face is red. Do you want to sleep? You can stay in my bed room, i'll sleep on the couch."

"No, i want to drink more."

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