This may be a cliché story about how two people can fall in love and live happily ever after. That distressed princess who was locked away in a tower by her parents and was saved by her prince charming that killed the fire breathing dragon. They eventually get married at sunset, while their families watch on, the princess soon becomes a queen and her husband, becomes a king and they rule an entire kingdom together. Then children become a part of the story, eventually creating a sequel. It's still the same love story, just a different couple and this will just continue to go round and round in circles.

However, this love story is different. Of course it has that princess locked away from the world and that prince charming who unknowingly saves her. But what makes this story so unique and different is that with this particular couple, rules are set in place. They have obstacles, hoops and dark passages to overcome. This love story does not only have one fire breathing dragon, it has many. As some people say, you can't help who you fall in love with and aren't they right. "It's a Hollywood love story," some people may say. But this is the most real love story you will ever read.


She had just moved to Los Angeles a couple of years back, the place of hopes and dreams, a place where all the big stars lived, Madonna, George Clooney, and Michael Jackson. This was the place to be and she was so happy when she finally got the perfect home to live in. It was now her time to make the big break. When she got the phone call that she had gotten a major role in a film with big stars like Jake Gyllenhaal, Susan Sarandon and Dustin Hoffman, she knew she had landed her role in Hollywood.

Now she was starring in a film, with a much bigger role. Things were moving progressively quick. In this particular film, she was playing a mother who sold artwork as a living. In her personal life the thought of becoming a mother had never crossed her mind. She did have a mother, but she couldn't remember her. She passed away when she was only a little girl, only to be raised by her older siblings and her father. No matter how grateful she was to them, she was very ambitious and she was able to do things without their help. She had always depended on her independence, that's what made her do well in life.

All her years of waitressing and bartending paid off. She'd saved enough to move away from New York and to make her dreams come true. She was becoming more than just a city girl; she had to prepare herself for all the glitz and glam that Hollywood had to offer. Now she wasn't just the girl imagining her dreams, she was the girl living them. She already thought she had everything in life, the perfect job and the perfect house. But she wasn't prepared for more dreams to happen in her life.


Being a childhood film star was always his thing. That young heartthrob teenager than he was. It all pretty much went straight to his head. "Can't Buy Me Love" was one of his most popular works, people always mentioned it whenever he walked around the city. He never regretted anything from his past, why should he? Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has their imperfections and he was just about done being the guy who married his manager, who also happened to be his best friend's mother, at the age of just twenty-one. Of course she didn't get any slack from all her girlfriends. He was just her toy boy, a guy to do all her dirty work. But luckily for him, that marriage didn't last long. It all seemed too good to be true.

However, he then met another woman, his hairdresser. He thought she was a keeper. He thought he could never be so in love with anyone else, but her. As people would say, it was love at first sight. But we can all say that that saying is a complete myth. You can be attracted to someone by their looks, their laugh or the ways their eyes sparkle, but to love someone you have to be in love with their imperfections too. At the end of the day, he married his hairdresser and all he kept thinking was that he couldn't be any happier. Wasn't he wrong?

Now, he wanted to start over. He wanted to go back onto the big screen. He was racing more now and he needed the money to pay for his expensive hobby, so he was now auditioning. Yes, he had minor roles here and there, but they weren't enough. He needed something more meaningful. Something to still keep him passionate about acting, but ran long enough for the money to keep coming in.

That day he went to the dog park, was either luck or complete and utter fate.

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