His REGRET (Ch. 14)

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I look up and saw Taehyung standing beside me.
You : "just talk here."
Taehyung : "no i want to talk with you privately"
You : "..." I just decided to ignore him hoping that he just go away but...
He grabbed my hand and drag me outside the cafeteria.

I let go my hand from his grip as strong as i can.
Taehyung : "pls just listen to me this time, y/n!"
You : *sigh* *rolled eyes*
Taehyung : "i'm sorry..."
You : "Just that?! Oh gosh. You've drag me outside the cafeteria just for said that?!"
I decided to leave him alone but he stop me with his words.
Taehyung : "i know you still love Jungkook!"
I turn around and notice that Taehyung appearing his tears.
Taehyung : "i know you just liking me but you loving Jungkook. You don't love me, y/n. You just LIKE me."
You : "..." I saw deep in his eyes
Taehyung : "then go tell him that you love him. Don't worry about me. I'm okay you are with Jungkook."
You : "but-"
Taehyung : "just be yourself. I know you love him more than me. He is your true love"
I ran to him and hug him tightly.
You : "thank you Tae, you can understand me."
Taehyung : "yeah, yeah. Now go and tell him!"
You : "but how?"
Taehyung : *sigh* "okay i'll help you later and now, just go to your lunch and go to your next class because class started in 15 minutes."
You : "okay Tae, thank you for everything btw"
I leave him and going to my lunch and after i finish, i go inside the next class.

2 hours later...
Class has ended and i'm decided to go to Jungkook. And... I found Jungkook.
Jungkook startled because I'm yelled his name. I walked towards him.
You : "Jungkook-ah, i want to talk."
Jungkook : "then talk"
You : "uhmm..."
Jungkook : "hm?"
You : "ok how do i tell you this?"
Jungkook : "..."
You : "Jungkook-ah, do you still love me?"
Jungkook : *sigh* "why do you ask that?"
You : "because... I-I love you"
Jungshook : *gasp* "REALLY?!"
You : "y-yea"
I look down for closing my red cheeks from Jungkook. Suddenly he lifts up my chin and make me look up to his face. His face suddenly closer to mine and...
Your mine : "is he going to kiss me?!"
Suddenly his lips already touch mine. I shocked and freeze don't know what to do. Because Jungkook never do this to me since we are dating. He broke the kiss and said...
Jungkook : "i love you too, y/n"
I hug him tightly and tears going fall from my eyes. I broke the hug and thinking someone...
You : "but... How about Eunha?"
Jungkook : "she is transfered to other school, y/n"
My face turning serious
You : "ahh... So this is the reason?"
Jungkook : "what?"
You : "you said that you love me because you don't want to lonely because Eunha is not here. But if Eunha here again, you broke me up again and leave me again, right?"
Jungkook : "what?! Y/n, it's not true! I love you from my heart. I don't love Eunha anymore. Y/n you are misunderstand!"
My face turning to smily face
You : "Jungkook-ah, you know what? I'm joking" *lmao*
Jungkook : *sigh* "y/n, don't do this... I thought you were misunderstood again."
You : *laughing*
Jungkook : "y/n, what about V hyung?"
You : "oh, Tae... He supported us to be together"
Jungkook : "it's strange"
Jungkook : "y/n-ah it's mean... You want to be my girlfriend again, right?"
You: *smile* "yeah"
Jungkook hug me and i was hug him back. I broke the hug and said...
You : "i'm gotta go, Jungkook it's going dark"
Jungkook : "want me to walk you home?"
You : "sure!"
He walk me home and for a minutes we have arrive at my house. Suddenly the rain is falling from the sky.
You : "Jungkook-ah, are you sure want to go back home? It's raining"
Jungkook : "uhmm. Idk"
You : "if you want, you can sleep in my house since tomorrow we have no school."
Jungkook : "ok, let's go inside"
We both go inside my house and he is sitting on the couch.
You: "Jungkook, where do you want to rest?"
Jungkook : "just here, it's fine."

Jungkook POV
Suddenly i felt my phone vibrating. It's messages from Eunha.

 It's messages from Eunha

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To Be Continued...

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