Update & Future Ideas

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I like rarely post on here & I'm sorry!! School just kind of takes up all my time and I never have time to focus on anything creative. I'm not sure if I want to continue with this, I may make another imagines book that is multi fandom, I'm not sure. I'm hoping I can write more in the summer and get back into it because I miss it!!

I'm also considering publishing all of the stories I've started and never finished just because, yanno, I'll never finish them, but why should I just leave them?

Anyways, here's some people I've been thinking of writing imagines of, comment on who you'd maybe like to see!

Gordie LaChance

Wil Wheaton

Corey Haim

Sean Astin

Jonathan Brandis

Ferris Bueller

Cameron Frye

Keanu Reeves

Anthony Michael Hall

One last thing, if I did actually end up making a multifandom imagines book, would anybody read it? I'd include a lot of different fandoms, including Harry Potter, the Maze Runner, the 100, miscellaneous actors like Freddie Highmore, Ross Lynch, etc. So that may end up happening in the future? We'll see.

Thanks for all the support on this book though!! I didn't expect to still logging on always seeing votes & comments, I really appreciate it!

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