Krystal Lockhart

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Ever been in a relationship where the fire and passion that there once was, vanished. Well that's me. Been in a relationship with Andrew Matthews for a year. I love him, but as a friend.

"Time for the first day of senior year." I sighed.

"Psst, mommy" I looked down to see my three year old daughter, Meet Alexandra Lockhart.

"Psst, mommy" I looked down to see my three year old daughter, Meet Alexandra Lockhart

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Surprised, Yeah that's what I thought. One night I was walking and didn't realized I was being followed, before I knew it he caught me and things took a horrible turn and I was raped. They caught him and he is in jail for life. When I was pregnant with her I thought if adoption was the best for her. But once she was born, I couldn't let her go. 

I picked her up and she wrapped her arms around me, "Can I go to school with you."

"Not today, you will have more fun with grandma Olivia." I pinched her cheeks. She just pouted.

"How about after school I take you out for some ice cream." She squealed.

"Hey princess." Mom said to Alex and she ran to her.

"I need to get ready, thanks mom for keeping an eye on her."

"She is my little princess."she said with a smile before leaving with Alex. 

Andrew loves her, he never once made rude comments or treated her wrong. He loves kids, Alex also loves Andrew, she says he is like a big brother. She never saw him like a father figure. it takes a special person for that. Maybe one day.

I went to give my parents and Alex a hug and then went to school, it was a 20 minute car drive. Once I arrived I went to my locker.

"New year, hopefully no rumors." I sighed as I opened my locker door.

"The teenage mom, who couldn't keep her legs closed." Rose said, yes she is your typical queen been. "No one believes your story, you weren't raped, I bet you enjoyed that moment." She laughed.

At that moment I wanted to punch her so hard, but I remained calmed. "Can you leave me alone." I said to her

"Nah, it's fun to bother you, how's that little shit you have for a daughter." She smirked. That was it, I lost it. So i slapped her so hard. 

"Never talk about my daughter that way." With that said, I walked away from school. The one time I needed Andrew for support he wasn't around. I went to the school gardens, It's always empty at morning.

"You know, there will always be that one person who will talk bad about others just so they can feel good about themselves." I heard someone said.

"Don't listen to them, you know what really happened and that's all it matters." He smiled.

"Thanks, uhm."

"Shannon." He extended his hand.

Shannon was incredible handsome. He had a nice smile that made his dimples form, he was tall and very fit. And those beautiful sapphire eyes. Wow.

"Krystal." I smiled back as I shook his hand. "Are you new?" I asked him.

"No, I always sit behind you." He answered.

"Wonder why I've never seen you." I tapped my lips.

"No one acknowledges the nerd." He shrugged.

"I didn't mean it like that, I don't even label people."

"I'm kidding." He chuckled. "I don't let people get to me with the whole nerd comment."

"Let me guess, they say you are a nerd cause you wear glasses." I questioned him.

"Pretty much."

"Well, just so you know I think glasses look good on you." I smiled.

"Thanks, and a beautiful girl like you shouldn't let gossip and Rose get to you." He smiled back.

"I can take it, it's when they mess with my daughter and call her names just cause she was a product of a rape."

"They're tools." I chuckled at his words.

"There you are." I turned to see Andrew.

"Here I am." I said in a cold tone.

"Let's get moving, we are gonna be late for class." He grabbed my arm.

"Where were you earlier." I asked him.

"Around." he shrugged. 

"Go ahead. I need to tie my shoes." He told me.

"See you around, Shannon." I waved and made my way to class.

Andrew waited for me to be out of sight. "She is mine, stay away from her." 

"You don't deserve her, "Shannon told him.

"And you do? Don't make me laugh." He said before walking away.

Andrew walked inside the classroom and sat next to me. "I don't think you should talk to that nerd, bad for your reputation."

"You're kidding right." I said to him.

"Did I stutter."

"Look, you don't get to decide who should I talk to or what should I do." I crossed my arms, I was angry that he thinks that he can boss me around.

"Okay fine, I just don't like when you talk to other guys." He caressed my face.

"I'm allowed to have guy friends." I retorted.

"I know." He gave said before pulling me into a kiss. 

Just a kiss that's what it was, no passion. The only reason why I stay with him is cause he loves my daughter and me. I mean is hard to find someone who will still date you after finding you have a kid. It sucks to be in a relationship where there's no love.

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