42. Violet & Cerulean

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Chapter 42— Violet & Cerulean


I heard Mimi's words of comfort, but her sentiment didn't curb my rapidly increasing anxiety. I couldn't breathe. Something was wrong.

The progression had been subtle, gradually strengthening, and I'd been so immersed in the drum beats I hadn't even realized the moist liquid had violated my defenses and crawled down my throat. Now, it burned me from the inside, strangling my lungs, suffocating me.

How had I not realized its potency before?

What liquid had they used? It couldn't have been water as I previously assumed.

I began to thrash, water splashing around us.

Instantly, Leander turned and repositioned himself on his knees. One of his large hands grasped the back of my neck, his fingers twining into my floating hair. His other hand wrapped around my chest, locking my arms by my sides and keeping me flat against the water.

"Leander," I gasped.

His grip tightened. "Focus on me, love. You have to relax. You must calm down. Your heart..." his words trailed off, but I understood. My heart thumped out of control with no sensible rhythm. The walls of my lungs shuddered, unable to bear the pressure. My temperature rose.

I couldn't do this. I couldn't take it anymore...

...and then it got worse.

Mimi and Gemma once again poured liquid over the hot stones. This time, plumes of violet and cerulean billowed off of the rocks, and the effect was immediate.

Brightly colored wisps curled and danced in the air, beautiful—the exact color of Leander's eyes.

But their beauty was an ugly lie.

Without warning, the thin tendrils changed course and dove into my open mouth!

I gagged and sputtered, trying to push the foreign sensation out of my body, but they burrowed deeper, forcing me to swallow the substance down my throat. Sparks exploded inside my lungs and chest, tingling and warming me even more.  Kicking to get away was a fruitless endeavor.  I couldn't break Leander's hold.

Eyes rolling wildly, I watched more tendrils push their way past Leander's lips. He didn't fight. He just let them consume him. But agony swirled in his dark liquid eyes. His chest heaved erratically, and sweat poured from his temples.

More evil tendrils danced in the air above my belly, seductively curling around each other as if beckoning me to watch. Even with tears streaming from my eyes, I saw them clearly, my gaze held captive by their sensual dance.

And then to my utter horror, they dove into the water between my thrashing legs. A burst of pressure invaded my sex, and I knew where they'd gone. A sharp hiss of pain radiated deep in my core as the tendrils burrowed deeper, crossing the barrier of my cervix. Before I could even wrap my head around what was happening, I felt the same pressure against my anus. My resistance was futile because abruptly, I was impaled there as well, the tendrils easily breaking through the barrier of my tight ring of muscle.

My scream went unrealized on my lips. I didn't have enough air to even cough. I fought harder, but Leander was immovable, keeping me on my back flush against the water. He whispered urgently, "Don't fight it. Let it happen."

Let what happen???

And then, even in the middle of this torment, I put two and two together...He knew!

Leander knew I would be in pain, but he hadn't told me. He hadn't warned me up front, hadn't helped me mentally prepare for this torture.

My vision darkened, the lack of oxygen forcing my eyes closed. Flashes of white light flickered beneath my eyelids.

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