Dating Finnick Would Include

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-giggling all the time
-mornings spent in bed
-forehead kisses
-him being protective
-him embarrassing you in public
-dealing with all of his fans
-tickle fights
-his goal being to make you blush
-you getting jealous of girls that fawn over him
-him choosing you over everything
-swimming together
-laying out on the beach to work on your golden tans
-him teaching you self defense moves
-him worrying about you in the games
-him doing anything he that he could to get you any advantages in the games
-nicknames based on your looks
-kissing the back of your hand
-trying to impress you in the Capitol
-sleeping as close as possible
-helping each other through nightmares
-being the power couple who ruled the Capitol
-cooking together in the kitchen
-cooking always leads to a food fight
-showering together
-nose kisses
-play fighting in the training center
-you win and he throws you over his shoulder

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