[7] Delay

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(Warning: mentions of panic attack's)Amelia's dreams were something of a sanctuary to her

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(Warning: mentions of panic attack's)
Amelia's dreams were something of a sanctuary to her. No matter how bad the real world got she could go to sleep and escape to someplace simpler.

Part of her wanted to stay awake, not because she loved the real world, but because her dream one wasn't in the best place. Felix was sick and didn't seem to be getting any better, which made Peter sad which made the lost boys sad.

But alas, after a long day of moping around at school, making dinner for father and sister, and doing homework, she was tired and practically dove into bed.

And sleep overtook her

Bella awoke to screaming. The shrill sound hurt her ears and she plugged her fingers into her ears to block it out.

"Amelia! Calm down, it's alright." Charlie's frantic voice drew Bella into Amelia's room. She found her sister on the ground clutching her heart, tears streaming down her face.

"It hurts! Please, help me!" Amelia howled with plain and Bella struggled to hear any of her own voice

"Bells, I've tried to calm her down, but she won't!" Charlie's voice was begging and Bella kneeled down infront of her sister with him.

"She's having a panic attack. She used to get them back home, never really this bad."

"Well, what do we do?" Charlie was a good father, but his daughters living away from him for so long had him miss out on how to respond to situations like this.

Bella frowned, "Sometimes it would get so bad we had to take her to the hospital," Bella explained through Amelia's screeches. "Lots of people feel like they are dying when this happens. I've never seen this bad though."

"BELLA PLEASE! I C-CAN'T-" Amelia cut off and fell into another burst of tears.

Charlie nodded to Bella, "Help me get her up." Bella and Charlie each took one of her arms to carry her out the police cruiser.

Once Charlie had her in he turned to Bella, "Go get some sleep, you have school in the morning. I'll call you with updates."

Bella nodded, but stood in the driveway until her fathers car was gone from sight.

The next day everybody at school seemed to be gossiping, the only new thing was that it wasn't about the Cullen's but Amelia.

The school was swirling with theories about where she was. Some had it right, others...

"She probably ran away, I mean she seemed a bit off didn't she?"

"I heard she was sent to boarding school."

"Nah man, she was totally sent back to Phoenix."

Edward Cullen wished he could read Bella's mind, to figure out where Amelia was, he had been planning on looking into her mind that day.

He was cut out of his thoughts by Jaspers phone ringing.

"Carlisle," Jasper informed him, holding the phone up to his ear, "Oh. But- yeah. Is she- good. Okay, I'll see you later." He hung up with a grim and frustrated look on his face.

Edward had been focused trying to read Bella's mind to listen in asked, "What is it?"

"Amelia was brought in last night after a panic attack."

"Did he say why?"

Jasper nodded, "She had this horrible dream."

Edward stifled a laugh. "That's it?"

Jasper shook his head, "Carlisle thinks she may be gifted, he managed to get her to tell him that she was attacked in her dream. Her description matches cuts on her back and arms."

"She probably did that in her panic."

Jasper shook his head, "Carlisle thinks otherwise. He thinks she can create realities."

The conversation ended there as the bell rang for class.

A/N as someone who struggles with mental health and panic attacks, I feel it's important to include it in stories. Many people who have panic attacks do feel as if they are dying and have to go to the hospital, though I have never gotten to that point. I've watched a few videos where people talk about it so I hope it's at least somewhat accurate.

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