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collab with the lovely lucastown ! i did the first half and she did second. check out the one we did on her account!

el slammed her locker after exiting room 353.
more specifically, the detention room.

max and her had been caught ditching fourth period to go to the waffle house across the street from hawkins high school.

she walked down the halls, talking with max.
max and el had finally become friends after 1984.
but mike wasn't too fond of the friendship.
in fact, he thought max was a bad influence on el.

"it was totally worth it, those waffles were amazing." max said, snapping el out of her daydream.
"oh, yeah." she giggled, slightly smiling.

as el and max exited the school, el saw mike with his car behind him, and he looked pretty damn angry.
uh oh.
"uh, bye max!"
"see you, el!"

el looked down at the textbooks in her arms to avoid eye contact with mike.
when he got mad, el found him scary.
like papa.

as she opened the car door, she didn't say anything to mike.
whenever he was upset, el would try her best to avoid conversation in order to prevent mike from yelling at her.

mike rolled his eyes as he walked to the other side of the car and opened the door.
he put the keys in, and started driving.

the two sat in an awkward silence.
it wasn't the type of comfortable silence the two usually shared when the were cuddled up on the couch watching movies,
it was an awkward silence.

el reached her hand to the radio, trying to play a song, before being interrupted by mike.
"don't." he said blankly.
el put her hands back on her lap and stared at hawkins through the window.

mike sighed.
"why the hell do you hang out with max? she's just getting you in trouble!"
el gazed at him in shock as he continued concentrating on the road in front of him.

"no, she's not. i agreed to go with her to the waffle house."
"but why would you! you knew you'd get in trouble but you did it anyways!"
el felt tears prickle at her eyes like a knife.

"i just," she sighed.
"i just wanted to feel normal." she murmured.
mike rolled his eyes at her pathetic excuse.
"that's not normal! you could've done anything else but you decided to get in trouble?! god el."

el frowned as mike quickly looked at her in disappointment.
she rubbed her hand on her forehead.

"im sorry.. i didn't mean to make you upset, it just happened, okay?"
"sorry doesn't change anything!" he yelled, frightening el.
"what is wrong with you! what is wrong with you?!"

el lightly gasped as she closed her eyes and remembered those words from four years ago.
mike forgave her that time, but she worried this time it would be different.
he would hate her.

"mike, please.." she said, her lip quivering.
"no, el! this is your third time in detention this semester because of max! what were you thinking?!" he said, slamming on the brakes as they pulled up to a red light.

the brunette girl quivered in her seat as she felt tears fall down her face.

she hated when he was mad at her.

she couldn't be in the car anymore. she didn't like him like this, it scared her.

"let me out." she said as she closed her eyes, trying her hardest not to let him see the tears in her eyes. she grabbed onto the door handle and tried to pull it open, but she found it was locked. "unlock it." she said.

"el, i can't just let you," mike started to say.

he was mad at her but he couldn't let her out, they were in the middle of a road and he wanted her to be safe. he also didn't know if she knew her way home.

"let me out!" el said, her voice now raising. mike looked at her, his mouth gaping slightly as he unwillingly unlocked the door.

she opened her door and slammed it shut. tears rolled down her eyes.

what is wrong with you?

his voice rang in her ears, what was wrong with her?

she knew that what she had done would get her in trouble and she knew that she shouldn't get in trouble but something about it made her so excited and it gave her this rush.

mike stared dumbfounded at the seat where his girlfriend was sitting.

he shouldn't have yelled at her.

he thought before he quickly pulled the car into a ditch and climbed out of it, following her.

"el! el! eleven!" he called, grabbing her wrist and gently pulling her to face him.

"don't call me that." she snapped.

he stepped back, slightly stunned. he had never heard her speak like that.

"el," he started but she cut him off,

"i get it, i messed up. i always mess up." she said as tears fell from her face. "i always mess up." she repeated, the tears falling faster from her face.

"el, t-that's not true." he said, his heart starting to break slightly.

he shouldn't have said that stuff to her.

"i'm useless!" she cried out, her voice cracking. "i only cause trouble!" she said, throwing her hands up.

mike's mouth dropped open. he had no idea what to say. he didn't realize that his words would affect her so much.

quickly, he stepped closer to her and brought his hand up to her face and began wiping her tears away with the pads of his fingers.

she sniffled and hesitated slightly but soon fell into his embrace.

"you are not useless." he said, sternly. "don't you ever say that again." he said.

el sniffled and adverted her eyes from his.

"el, please look at me." he said softly. she hesitated but looked at him. "i never should have yelled at you. i never should have done that."

el closed her eyes and let mike wipe all of the left over tears from her face.

"but you are not useless. do you understand? you are not useless." he said as he pulled her into his arms, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"i-i don't know why i do it." she said, her voice muffled by his shirt. "i just wanna feel like-like a normal kid." she said, pulling away from the embrace.

"i know. and i'm sorry. i-i just get worried, i don't want y-you to get in more trouble." he said as he gently pressed his forehead against hers. "i'm so sorry."

"mike," she whispered.

"yeah, el?" he asked.

"i understand."

a/n: hi it's sarah and i'm sorry that ending was so bad but i love lindsay lots!!

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