Chapter 11 - Escape

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Frozen like ice were my eyes. I stood petrified. I was soliciting courage from my guts while asking why my legs were failing me. A blank thought ran across my mind as if some long endless road. Shock took a firm grip on me while panic chained my whole core.

Compared to our last meeting, the Marcus I was facing right now was completely different. It felt like he was a whole new person; a darker individual. The atmosphere around us felt dense and bleak. Even Katherine’s presence could not make me feel any easier.

A single blow from his metal sword and I knew I would end up like his last victim. Maybe Katherine could put up a fight but chances would be very grim for her to gamble. This guy was way too powerful to handle.  I could feel it by just looking at him. He is somebody hardcore.

I laid my gaze on Marcus’ hand. Poor head. Fresh viscous blood dripped from the section below the neck; soft-looking pinkish-red tissues were still hanging on it. The sight of it was enough to make me sick.

From the moment I saw that part of human flesh, I knew who it was. ComradeCalvary01. Utter fear was still written all over his face. The last moments of his life must have been gruesome. I felt sorry for the guy even if we had a dispute back then.

“What do you want?” I snarled, trying to sound stern.

“Been a bit long eh?” He threw the head towards my direction. It rolled roughly on the ground with blood splashing everywhere until it made a full stop beside my feet.

“Who cares? Tell me what do you want, Marcus.”

“I’ll make this sound less complicated for you kid,” he stared at me in a hostile manner. “I need to −

“No!” A furious Katherine yelled. I noticed that Marcus was taunted but he quickly transitioned his expression to something calm.

“Well, if it isn’t LadyV. Same old hot tempered whore. I didn’t even notice you were there!”

“Just shut up. Take me instead, Marcus.” I was surprised by what I just heard. It was not Katherine’s nature to lay down arms. Also, why would she surrender himself to a brutal random guy?

“Oh, you know I can’t do that. You’re useless.” Marcus grinned. Anger consumed me at once. How dare he talk to Katherine like that!

“Don’t talk shit about Katherine you idiot!” I roared.

The both of them glanced at me, jolted. I could see the dismay in Kath’s eyes as her hands clutched her stuff tightly. Marcus’ eyebrows crossed which crumpled his forehead.

I didn’t know if I said something wrong or the both of them were just plain depressed but I realized I really did said something wrong.

Then Marcus cackled into a thunderous laughter. His laugh sounded a lot creepier than his raspy voice. It sent uneasy bolts circulating along my spine. “How amusing. The kid knows your name, Katherine.”

Katherine’s eyes were scrutinizing me as if I was somebody dangerous. Her eyes sparkled not with gladness but instead, it gleamed with hatred.  I wanted to walk to her and explain but by the looks of it, one wrong move and she would detonate me to bits.

Her beautiful lips whispered an antagonistic, “Why?”

“I’m sorry Kath!” I didn’t know what to say. Words were jumbled up inside my mind.

“Don’t call me Katherine! My name is LadyV!”

“Okay, okay! V, your ID fell off on our way inside the forest then I picked it up. I wanted to give it back to you at once but you trailed off already so I decided not to return it until later.” My mouth was bubbling unexpectedly.

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