Chapter 11

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Lance pov
(Still Thursday)
B:Omg how
B:He got my number
B:Nick he just texted me
La:What did he say
B:He said "I see you got a boyfriend now but your mine and am going to do anything to have you all to myself"
La:That's it
I got Breanna's phone and said "LEAVE HER ALONE" and he didn't answer back so we went to sleep
(Next day)
Jade's pov
I woke up and saw Ricardo was still sleeping so I got up carefully so I don't wake up and went downstairs to cook and when I got downstairs I started cooking and after I finished everyone except for Benji, Madisyn,Brea,Lance we're already downstairs and after we finished eating we went to the living room and talk
C:So what do you guys want to do
A:Let's watch a movie
C:Okay let's go
(We all went to the Movie Room)
J:So what movie should we watch
C:Let's watch Zombies I heard it was good
(After the movie)
Everyone:That movie was amazing
Then we went to the living room and Madisyn and Benji were there and they were hugging
Benji's pov
(Still Friday)
I woke up and saw Madisyn was on her phone and she said
M:Good Morning
Be:Good Morning
M:Let's go downstairs
Be:Okay let's go
We saw nobody so we just sat in the living room and then we started talking
M:Am so glad all of my friends are happy with their boyfriends
Be:Yeah me too
M:I like someone but I bet they don't like me back
Be:Who is it??😕
M:If I tell you promise me our friendship will still be good
Be:Okay Who is it??
M:It's you i've liked you for a long time but I get it if you don't like me back
Be:I like u too😍
Be:Yes and now there's a question i've been meaning to ask you
M:What is it??
Be:Will you Madisyn Shipman be my girlfriend
Then I kissed her and she kissed back....we kissed for about 1 minute then we let go and I put my arm around her and that is when the others came and Breanna and Lance came downstairs
Madisyn's Pov
(Still Friday)
When they came Jade said
J:Hey girls let's go talk upstairs in my bedroom for a moment
Girls except for Jade:Okay
We went upstairs to Jade's bedroom and she said
J:Madisyn why was Benji hugging you
M:He asked me too be his girlfriend😁😁
Everyone except for Madisyn:OMG congratulations
M:Okay now let's go downstairs
When we went downstairs the boys weren't there so We called the boys but they didn't answer then we saw a note on the door that said we went to our friends house so we decided to have a girls night so we order pizza and we went to buy drinks and we called BabyAriel, Loren Gray,Dove Cameron,Brooklyn and Bailey.After they got here we talked about stuff and got drunk and watched movies and did our hair,makeup and nails.Then they left at 3:00 right now because the boys got here then they said
Boys:What happened here
J:We we're just having a small party(a drunk Jade said)
R:Are you drunk
J:Just a little bit
R:Ugh let's go to your room
J:Ugh fine
Boys except for Ricardo:You girls too let's go to your rooms
Jade's pov
(3:00am Saturday)
Rico took me to the room and right now we fell asleep
Thomas's pov
(3:00am Saturday)
I took Cree to the room and took off my shirt and we were going to go to sleep but then Cree started kissing me and I kissed back and then I took off Cree's shirt and her shorts and then she took off my pants and we started having ***
(2 hours later)
We fell asleep
Jade's pov
(Saturday morning)
When I woke up my head was hurting so I woke up Rico and he said
R:Your head hurts because you were drinking yesterday
J:But I have never drunk before
R:I know but yesterday was your friends and your first time
J:Am going to take a shower
(30 minutes later)
After I came out of the shower and my head didn't hurt anymore so I changed into this👇🏻

Then they left at 3:00 right now because the boys got here then they saidBoys:What happened here J:We we're just having a small party(a drunk Jade said)R:Are you drunk J:Just a little bit R:Ugh let's go to your roomJ:Ugh fineBoys except for Ricard...

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