Chapter 31

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Robotic Human Love

Avery's POV

After Chica and I entered the pizzeria, Goldie appered before us while the rest of the gang came towards us from the left hallway. "Welcome back, peist and traitor. How was your date?" Goldie said with vemon so thick on his words, it was a surprise he hasn't choked on them.

Goldie glared at Chica, waiting for an answer while Freddy, Bonnie, and Foxy glared at me. I kept a playful smile on my face, angering them more. "The date went very well. Great even I must admit. Avery, dispite being our enemy, treated me with respect, care, and as a lady unlike you Goldie when you smacked me across the face." Chica spat at him. This caused all of us to gawk at her in shock from the sudden daringness to speak to Goldie like that. My gawk turned to pride as I started to chuckle and said, "I knew you have some back bone in ya Chica. That was amazing." I said in between laughs before I calmed down moments later. "Thank you now if you excuse me I have to go change. See you on stage for check ups Avery." Chica said as she went to Bill's office.

I was still smiling like a goof ball at Chica's comment shot at Goldie but I was sure that could be said to any of the others except Foxy. I turned to the others and saw them glaring at me after Chica left. "Well guys, I won the sixth night but I take it you won't keep to your rule of stopping when a night guard wins since I basicly pissed off almost all of you. Foxy I know I'm close to since you are protective of your friend, Chica." I said as my eyes turn full black that to them seem to glow in the low light.

"I'm very willing to continue our little cat and mouse game fellas. It is oh so fun to play with you all like the way I do." I said with an eerie undertone. They seem to stiffen at my words as I walk on by them to my office.

As I walked all I thought about was that one moment in the car with Chica where she kissed me along with her words. 'Chica you are not making this easy. Just please, please, please hate me. You are hurting me more then you know. I want your trust but I know it well all end bad when you find out that one piece of truth about me. About my last name. The plan calls for you to hate me so in the end I would feel no guilt for what I have to do. I must get you to hate me and right now I see an un-foreseen move on my part being played. Pit each of you against each other. This well get you to hate me with every fiber of your being. You hate me, I do my job, I hopefully leave with just a broken heart.' I thought as a single tear falls from my eye.

I wanted to howl out in pain that I feel in my chest where my heart lives as the beginings of it breaking begun. I shake my head to clear my thoughts and focus on the task at hand as to how I can pit them all against each other more. The only thing that came to mind was the toys who were now going to be set up to be brought here. 'Bring them in, pit their friendship and trust against each other and the original gang and all things well fall out of place them but fall into place for me. I just have to hope that my Chica gets out of the way to avoid being hurt in the process for the only who needs to get hurt is me....'

Chica's POV

I enter the office and pull the clothes I was going to change into from one of the desk drawers. I stop when I look at the blue rose from the corner of my eye. 'Unattainable desire. You have high hopes for me Avery but you want me to stop so I won't get hurt.....I'm sorry Avery but that can not but be done. I made a promise to your mom to look out for you and thats what I'm going to do. I have said this before but I believe there is more to you then meets the eye.' I thought as I brought my hand to the raven necklace she gave me.

'My darling raven. The other songs you sang no longer matter, only one does, wolf in sheep's clothing. You trust me to a certain point but not enough to tell me whole truths and I have a sicking feeling those you trust most well turn on you once they know of you straying.' Two are on our side but I'm more worried of her mentors of magic since they seem to pull her strings more then the others. I go over my thoughts of Avery and how I feel towards her until a flash of an old memory appears before my eyes.

The sight of my first love, who now seems to be just a small crush, when he was alive.

Now that I really think about it, the postions of roles have been reversed. I picture myself sitting in that office chair smiling, laughing, and blushing up towards Avery who stands in my spot with her mysterious, bad girl glory beside me, leaning against the desk. She hides her secret of who she is like I did once before with me oblivious to what it is and the others are the nightmares who she is protecting me from. I laugh to myself at how that came back around to me.

'Will I end up like him? Will I end up hating Avery like she hopes I will? Or will I still love her and both of us live?' I thought. 'Only way to find out is to learn her secret and to do that I have to do reasearch or sneak into the warehouse where the nightmares live. Mangs said that she tackled me while we were all in a warehouse and there is one or two in town where they could be.'

3rd POV

Back at the warehouse, Mangs and Fredsteir were off in a corner of a room talking to each other about what they witnessed at the museum. Both of them replaying the scene of their friend kissing someone who was supposed to be like their enemy in the little game they all played.

As they talked, Chichi was on her way to them to ask about ther trip to the museum. "I never expected her to fall in love with her to begin with. I guess she has her reasons, we just need to be supportive and prey for them." she heard Mangs say. "I'm no religious man Mangs but I prey to god and believe he well help lead her and her heart in their fight." He said as Chichi looks at the doorway confused. "Who is in love with who now?" she asked, surprising the other two with her appecence as she walked into the room.

"Oh hey Chichi. Nothing. We were just talking about uh your love for Avery." Mangs said, slightly guarded that went un-noticed to Chichi. "If you are going to try and convice me to let go, don't. I love Avery with all my heart and rightfully deserve to be by her side as a lover and hopefully wife. Only thing in the way of asuring such dream is Chica. I don't have to worry much though. Avery has high hopes for her but she is nothing compared to me, Avery won't bother to give her the time of day. She well love me like I love her and anyone who gets in the way of our love shall die." Chichi said angerly as her eyes turned blood red, sending chills down Mangs and Fredstiers back with each passing word.

Chichi turned and left the room, leaving a sadden Mangs and Fredsteir who praied to their friend Avery, but to Chica as well. They followed Avery's line of thinking about not harming the animatronics at the pizzeria unless extremly necessary to do so. They hoped and pray that Chichi doesn't find out about Avery's and Chica's mutral growing love for the other.

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