|Thomas Shelby| "Lets Not Get Too Full Of Ourselves"

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"You think I want to go through with this deal?" You muttered to your sister

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"You think I want to go through with this deal?" You muttered to your sister.
"Father would be proud of ya' sister"
You were the head of the Ivory Cross, a family organisation from Yorkshire, after your father died, his last request was to join you and The Peaky Blinders together.

Well I say..." You looked down the street. In amazement "Mickey! Quit it!" You scolded your brother as he taunted a nearby policeman. "Now come on."
You tapped the side of your horse and felt the wind in your hair as the steed galloped on down the cobbled street, towards the group of people you presumed to be the Peaky Blinders.
"Ah, the Ivory Cross 'as finally arrived..." The man you knew as Arthur spoke, he was the father of the family, however you knew Thomas Shelby was really the head of the family.

"Please to meet your acquaintance Mr. Shelby."
"Pipe down little 'un, I'd like to speak to the head o' this little association o' yours."
The men behind him laughed loudly.
You growled quietly and balled the fists that were holding tightly onto the reigns of Topthorn.
"You're fucking talking to her."
"Ah! Little ones got guts I see, where's your Father."
"Dead..." you replied bluntly.
"Ah, well business is business." Arthur bellowed.
"I dislike this as much as you do..."
"Some of us think differently." The one next to him called, winking at you.
"Ah you're the junior aye?"
He piped down and cocked his head to the side.
"Aye, I am correct ain't I?"
"Stop terrorising the poor bloke." The one on the other side of Arthur bellowed.
"Watch your mouths then when you talk to the women of this family, we ain't whores..." You smirked for a moment. "Now, down to business."
The gang in front of you parted for your family to trot on through.

You sighed to yourself, taking a cigarette from your top pocket and lighting it with a match. You threw the match to the ground and stood on it.

You blew out the thick grey smoke from the cigarette, watching it swirl into the air before you turned to Topthorn, petting his black mane.

"What's his name?" A voice called from behind you.
"Topthorn, an' yours?"
"She ain't got a name."
"Huh? I'd have thought a beautiful steed like her would've."
You turned and walked over to the horse by the mans side, gazing at its mahogany coloured hair.
"Autumn seems to fit 'er perfectly."
"Hm, maybe."
You chuckled. "Look, I know none o' your family like our company, but a deal between your father and mine is a deal, one o' my sisters will marry one of your brothers to bring the lot of us together, believe me I thought my father was stupid but I never expected those to be his last words, even though they weren't his exact words."
"And what were those?"
"Dearest Y/N, I want you to unite The Ivory Cross and The Peaky Blinders, with a marriage between you and one of the brothers, it has already been arranged with Arthur Shelby." You sighed taking another puff from your cigarette.

"Not your cup o' tea then?"
"Arranged marriage? Not really. I had a fella back at home until then." You puffed out more smoke. "He were heartbroken when I told him..."
Tommy gave you a glance and couldn't help but feel attracted to you.
"You're from Yorkshire eh?"
"Aye, we are... the Cartwell family haven't really been ones for travelling until now..." You chuckled quietly, earning a smile from Tommy.
"You seen the Garrison?"
"No not yet, was hoping someone would take me there..."
"It'd be my pleasure."
"I was joking." You smiled, looking back at Tommy.
"I wasn't." He grinned playfully. "Get ready I'll pick yer' up outside yer' house you're staying in at eight."
"Alright then..." You smiled at him before turning to tie Topthorn to the stable gate. "I'll see ya' then."

It was around seven o'clock, your sister Anna was currently doing your hair as you smoothed out the black dress you were wearing.
"Maybe this will all be o'er sooner than we thought aye?"
"What are you on about Ann?" You looked at her through the mirror.
"Well you an' Tommy might have a thing goin' soon."
"Calm down Anna, bleeding hell! It's not even been a day yet."
"I know, I know, I'm just happy for ya' that's all."
"You're not the one in the arranged marriage though."
"Could have been worse, Father coulda' picked one of the brothers aswell."
"At this rate, it wouldn't 'ave been any different, he would have picked the gangs leader and we all know who that is..."
"Tommy fecking Shelby!" Anna yelled
"Anna shut the fuck up!" You snapped, looking round to glare at her. "Voice down, don't want people 'earing your big gob."
"Think others 'ould say differently."
"Anna! You've been talkin' to bloody Arthur Junior Shelby 'ant ya'? He's bad news Ann. Worst of em all for women... Better men back at home."
"Really?" Anna seemed to look down in defeat. "He seemed lovely..."
"Promise me you'll stay away from him."
"I promise ya'" she smiled at you, you embraced her.

You sighed back into the chair, before hearing a knock on the door.
"It can't be, he's nearly half an hour early!" You stood from the chair and quickly walked to the door, opening it slowly.
"Thomas Shelby, why are you so early?"
"Just call me Tommy." He smiled, taking your hand to gently kiss the top of it. "And, I wanted to take ye' to somewhere before hand."
You smiled gently, taking his hand which was outstretched.

"Ya' really think ya' can go faster than me eh? Ya' got another thing comin' Tommy." You boasted as you kicked Topthorns side gently, causing him to pick up the speed greatly.

You heard Tommy chuckle lowly, before hearing the sound of his horse begin to race towards yours. You looked to your side, to see Tommy smirking.
"Well, maybe I was a little wrong." You laughed quietly.
"I don't think I've laughed like this for some time."
"Hm, I'll take that as a compliment Mr Shelby."

He stopped his horse, taking a cigarette from his pocket, lighting it and placing it between his lips. He dug into his other pocket, pulling out a small pocket watch.
"Lets go to the Garrison." He suggested.
You nodded and smiled, riding next to his side.

You were immersed in the sound of glasses clinking, grown men yelling and the occasional glass being smashed.
"What a place ya' have 'ere." You smiled, linking arms with Tommy who had offered it beforehand.
"Yeah it is, but watch your purse, and more importantly, watch other people's hands..."
"Eh? Oh... That reminds me. Your brother? Arthur-"
"Stay away from him...." Tommy frowned. "He doesn't know how to treat women. You wanna marry him... You'll only be a whore to him, no matter what connection you have..."
You folded your arms, "And you're suggesting you'd be better?"
"Oh, I uh, never mind, it wasn't for me, more for my sister Anna. I told her he was bad news, my father told me about him."
"How the hell would he know?"
"He was very observant." You followed Tommy to the bar, where he ordered the woman behind, known as Grace to get the two of you drinks.

"What did he say about me?"
"Hmm, Thomas Shelby, a very mysterious fellow, likes to keep to himsel' but is a very good leader, and from what I've learnt, he's got a heart to." You smiled.
"Well your father was a wise man. Wanting to unite the families together."
"You really think so? Or are you just saying that because you've seen a woman you like in my family." You smirked.
"Well both really." He laughed, taking a drink from his glass; before looking back to you.

"Ah right. Go on tell me which one?"
"Is it not obvious?"
"Miss Y/N Cartwell of the Ivroy Cross. I raise this drink to our marriage."
"Excuse me Mr Shelby but let's not get too full of ourselves." You smiled and chuckled quietly. Before raising your glass in agreement.

"I promise I'll give you a proper proposal at some point." He smiled.
Perhaps an arranged marriage wouldn't be too bad.

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