part 10

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Lance's knife collided with the creatures eye, blood spraying everywhere as it let out a loud howl and sunk to the floor.


Red was coating everything, covering Lance and the ground like a thick blanket. It was the un-moving beasts and Lances blood, mixed together to create a waterfall of that dreadful colour. Red.

His vision was too blurry to know what was truly happening, cheers? Is that the sound he could hear? It was far off and he was certain that someone close was saying something, his name perhaps. The only thing he could think about was the red. Red like him, red like Keith.

Lance would've done anything to see him right then, and purple eyes where the last thing he thought about before it all went dark and blood loss caught up to him.  

"I've got a signature!" Pidges relieved and excited voice echoed through the previously lifeless room as everyone snapped to attention. Keith being the first one by Pidges side, looking at the screen with full attention. "What?" Shiro looked at the illegible coding on the screen, wishing he knew what it meant.

"I've found him! I've found Lance." Thrilled? Happy? Relieved? No one could find the words to express quite how they were feeling, only that they were all feeling the most excited they'd been in the last week.

"Send us the co-ordinates. We leave now." Those words had bearly left Shiro's mouth before Keith was sprinting out the door and to his hanger, everyone else not to far behind.

I'm going to find him, I'm going to bring him back. That was Keith's thoughts as he started his lions engine, not wasting a second before diving off into the wormhole Allura had created, everyone close behind yet in front of the castle that was staying behind as to not get damaged.

The area was heavily guarded.

Keith obliterated enemy airships in record speed, landing in the one Lance's lion was located and running past it. He was running for Lance, to find him. To hold him. And never let go ever again.

He sprinted past the cells of the ship, glancing at each one briefly as he passed to look for his lover. Not technically his lover but Keith knew he was going to confess the moment he saw Lance. Tell him he loved him more than life itself and hold him forever.

"Lance please wake up! Lance!" That name. Spoken by someone nearby. Keith's lungs were burning so strongly they could have been on fire and he wouldn't have noticed, pressing on faster in the direction of the voice instead and ending up at a cell. Finally stopping.

A trail of corpses were spread out in the journey he had taken, sprawled out and murdered with no restraint.

"Lance!" He cut straight though the doors with his Bayard without a hesitation, adrenalin and happiness flooding though him until his eyes landed on Lance. Unconscious, covered in blood with wounds spread out in deep gashes.

Keiths stomach flipped and he rushed over, lifting Lance's limp body into his arms and looking at his face deeply, checking his pulse and letting out a sigh of relief when he heard a faint thump.

"You're alive, oh thank God you're alive." Keith was filled with so much relief and worry that his chest hurt, tight and making it incredibly difficult to breath.

"Who are you?" Keith's attention flickered to the other person in the cell, only just acknowledging his exsistance. "I'm Lance's friend. We need to get out of here now." Alarms started blaring just as that was said and Keith stood up with Lance, rushing out the doors without knowing if the guy was following. He was.

Run. Pause. Attack. Kill. Run. That was the pattern Keith followed all the way to the hanger where he loaded Lance into his lion, blue lion roaring to life and providing backup as they tried to escape.

So far getting Lance had been as easy as it coud've been but as soon as he left the ship he saw that all fire was on them. Ships everywhere and too many to defeat.

"Hang on paladins, we're coming." A wormhole arrived in the distance and the castle flew through, shield up and lasers firing widespread to destroy any nearby enemy ships, obliterating any in their path. Keith felt an immediate rush of security and zipped through the battlefield, heading towards the castle.

"Keith?" A scatchy voice from the back spoke quietly, confused and a lot different than Keith remembered. It didn't have the same flirty humorous tone that it always held before. Only fear and uncertainty.

Lance! I'm so glad you're awake! I was really worried about you." Lance's breathing became erratic as he looked around the ship, eventually sitting up and curling into a ball, tears flowing down his face. He was scared and had no idea what was going on, his only thoughts about the fight in which he'd brutally murdered someone. That thought alone made him want to die right there on the spot.

Matt, who was next to him, pulled him into a hug and gently sat him on his lap, telling him that it was ok. His friends were here, they were free and Keith felt a pang of jealousy.

"You'll have to hurry Palladins! I'm not sure how long I can hold them off!" Alluras strained voice came though the coms and Keith reluctantly pulled his gaze away from Lance, looking back at the castle and nose diving towards it. Pulling into the hanger where everyone else was already.

"We're all ready Allura, let's go!" Shiro called out, watching as she formed a wormhole and sped through it.

Lotor was pissed, his toy was gone and like an angry toddler he wanted it back. In a fit of rage his hand slammed down onto the controls panel just as the castle went through the wormhole, if he couldn't have his little blue, then no one could. Especially the red paladin that infiltrated his ship.  

The beam of dangerous light rocketed from the ship, projecting straight towards the castle as it tried to escape and colliding with its hull just as it disappeared. Now far away from Lotors grasp.

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