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A smile lit up Ian's face. "Fine then, we eat now." He turned and walked out of the living room. His stomach had been protesting since before they arrived at his home.

"Hey!" Sonora followed him into what she would call a kitchen. She stopped for a moment looking around. Much would seem familiar, but some of it was unique to his culture. "Two more questions!"

Ian sighed. He'd hoped she would forget. "Two more," he reluctantly agreed.

"So you live here full time?"

"Full time? My entire life? Yes, I was born here," he said. He kept his answers short and quick in the hope this wouldn't take long.

"Wow, born here." She looked out one of the windows into the ocean. "But you have been above the water, right? You go up there too?"

"Yes, I have." He gave a little smile and moved further into the kitchen. There, that was done.

"Hey wait, I didn't mean for that to be my second question!" she protested.

Ian abruptly turned around. Sonora smacked right into his chest. She gave a little squeak, then turned and ran back the way they'd come.

Concerned that she still saw him as dangerous, Ian softly said, "I am not going to hurt you. I would never hurt you."

She crossed her arms as she eyed him, clearly unsure that was the case, "Oh yeah, well, out there..."

Ian quickly considered the past few hours. Yes, she was delicate, but he had been careful with her. He looked her over. There were no bruises, but she was still afraid of him. "Did I hurt you out there?" he asked.

Her gaze drifted away from him, then back again, her face full of suspicion. "No," she trailed out slowly.

But as he looked at the situation from her point of view, he knew she had a reason for concern. She did not know that all this was for the best, was the way it should be.

Ignoring her doubtful face, Ian continued to play the host. "What would satisfy you? Lobster, swordfish?"

Her face scrunched in horror. "You eat them? They live down here with you! Don't you feel a, I don't know, a kinship with them?"

He chuckled, amused by her. "You have some peculiar notions. Do you feel a kinship with cows and chickens?"

"Oh, yeah. Umm, I mean, I get it." She turned away as her face pinked. "Well. I guess lobster?"

As Ian started cooking, the woman hovered. He had hoped by now she would offer her name, but he could see that she was far from being comfortable. Although she was intensely curious about what he was doing, she made sure to stay outside of his reach.

As he calmly continued at his task, she became bolder, picking up the food and tools he had gotten out to look them over. Patiently, he let her explore everything she wanted until he had to stop her for her own safety.

One of the tools used to shell the crustaceans peaked Sonora's curiosity, and she reached for it. It was dangerous if not handled properly, so he gently pushed her hand back away from it. The contact startled her. She backed up a few feet returning to hovering in the background. From where he was, he showed her the proper way to use the utensil, but she stayed away from him.

"How about a sea vegetable salad?" he asked.


This lead to some new items on the counter. Sonora couldn't resist her curiosity. Soon, she was right beside him again. She heard his chuckle. Without looking at him, she asked, "Does everything I do amuse you?"

"Not everything," Ian said, "But you can be entertaining."

Ian handed her some sea lettuce, asking her if she would like to prepare it. She agreed and took it from his hands. He watched, from the corner of his eye, as she started tearing it and adding it to each of their bowls.

He was taken by her small feminine gestures as she went about her work. Her blond hair spilled down her back, swinging slightly with her movements. Though fear was still evident in them, every so often she would turn her blue eyes up to his face. He wished she would calm, but he knew that would take time.

Her beauty had captivated him from the beginning, but now, talking with her; he was beginning to see why she was his Intended. Slowly, he was seeing that her personality was bringing out the better parts of his. Of course, he had to admit she may not see it that way.

"Do you want me to cut up the lobster?" she asked bringing him out of his contemplation. He had been staring at her. It had apparently made her uncomfortable.

Ian looked from her to the knives and back at her again. Thinking of all the reasons a weapon in her hand may not be a good thing, he gave a wry smile and said, "I think not." But he was careful not to allow himself to stare at her so openly again.

"So, tell me about her," Sonora said.

Ian raised his eyebrow. "The little mermaid?" He sighed, wondering at human's fascination with the story. "Not much of your story of the Little Mermaid is true. She was like me. Us. Here." He raised his hand and made a little circle with his knife indicating his city. "The mermaid part of your story is not true, nor is much of the rest. But she did like to sing. She fell in love with a human and went to live with him on land. But where you see it as romantic, we see it as a cautionary tale."

"Oh," she said a bit deflated. "What do you call you, us, here?" She made the same circular motion with her finger.

"Atlantian. This is Atlantis." Ian knew the pride he had in his people and birthplace came through in his words.

Sonora was silent for a moment. "Atlantis is a myth."

"No, it isn't. This is Atlantis," Ian said watching her reaction. He'd only ever gotten to tell a couple of people and was always eager to see their response.

"Like the real Atlantis, the lost mystical city? The one that sunk into the sea?" Sonora was first incredulous, then suspicious.


"But how...how could that be? I mean...," she trailed off.

"Let us discuss it as we dine," Ian said somewhat formally. The more he told her, the more nervous he was becoming.

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