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The things hesitates and growls black blood dripping into Carmen's hair. I growl as it messes up her beautiful hair.
"Let her go now." I growl. The thing loosens its grip, Carmen sees the chance kicking back and gets free running behind me. I snarl and kick the thing in the gut causing it to cough up a wad of blood, it lands on me and I kick over and over, it finally drops to its knees and is still.
"SECURITY!!!!!" I scream as it start moving again. Someone rushes in with two snarling dogs. I Yelp as the larger dog is let off the leash and launches at me jumping on my chest knocking me down.
"WOLF!" Carmen yells.
"Back away or I'm setting Rex on you. Back away 241!" He yells. She looks at me she steps forward and the dog charges her. I throw my dog off of me and run getting in front of the dog who jumps and bites my arm hard. I scream and look at Carmen she drops to the ground sitting cross legged. I relax and the dog gets off, he growls at me then runs over to the one I threw and licks its jaw and ear.
"My name is Richard. That's his daughter. That's why he attacked you. I will give him a chance to trust you again while I figure out how these guys escaped. His name is Rex his daughter is Lucy. She's his first born your lucky he let go he's a killer he must like you." He says.
He talks to much' I think.
"Ok I guess." I say and hold out my hand. Rex's lip curls up and he stalks towards me. Carmen and I hold our breath as he gets closer and sniffs my hand and snaps at me it takes all I have to snap my hand back, he sniffs me again but doesn't snap just gives a small woof and goes back to Lucy and licks her neck while she whines nonstop happily.
"Lucy?" I whisper and hold out my hand. She whines and takes a step towards me, Rex snarls and jumps at me and I just stand up and step away.
"Sorry Rex." I whisper and turn to the guard. "What is it."
"Experiment Defeating Infinite  Threat." He says." Or E.D.I.T for short. Their creating killing machines. These two couldn't handle the changes poor little kids... I've said to much." He stops suddenly tilting his head as of listening for something. "AGAINST THE WALL NOW NOW NOW!!!" He screams. I stumble
back against the wall blood spilling onto the ground. Rex walks over and puts his maw on my arm and brings me to the ground gently. I panic slightly but he begins to lick the wound cleaning all the wound then runs and jumps over the deadish creature and grabs my shirt and brings it over putting it on my arm then setting a paw on it. I wrap it around my arm and put my back against the wall. He pats me down and moves to Carmen. He pats her down from her armpits to her waist.
"Quiet 241 don't make me ask again." He snarls. He grabs the back of her neck and pushes her to the ground. I snarl at him and step towards him.
"Rex... Sic'" he says and Rex jumps onto my back pushing me to the ground and lays on my back, what? I cover my dog bite with my hand. I look at Carmen who is on her hands and knees, she is pushed directly onto the ground. He finally leaves her and goes to the body.
"Whose knife is this?" He snarls at me.
"Tanners." I spit at the knife.
"How'd you get it?"
"It was on the medical table. He stabbed me with it." I say still looking at Carmen who has her hands on her head. I reach out a hand and she does the same. The guard goes onto his walkie talkie.
"Yeah guys we have a 926 and a 417A. Requesting canine assistance." He says. I let go of Carmen's hand and face the door. Sixteen paws and ten muddy tennis shoes walk in. I am lifted up by the armpits and dragged out of the room roughly.
"WOLF BE STRONG!" I hear Carmen yells before yelping in pain. I stop walking forward, resisting trying to get to her.
"Hey!" A guy yells. I look at him, yelping as the but of a gun collides with my forehead.

The first thing my brain registers is.... OWWWWWWWWWWWW WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR?! The second thing my brain registers is. . . Where the hell is Carmen??!! The third thing was where am I? The fourth... Why the fuck am I upside down??
"Uhhh COME ON!" I scream. I look up and what I see catches my breath. I'm wrapped in leather and paracord. Growling to myself I see what body parts I could move. Let's see. I have a free hand and arm. I have pretty sharp nai- damn it! They cut my nails while I was out. I can move my neck, I pull myself up using upper body strength I didn't know I had and bit the rope and leather around my covered arm and chew right through the material. I look at that hand and see that I have nails on this hand, so I scratch non stop at my chest eventually ripping through and dropping five feet. It was fun. Well until my back collided with the ground.
"Mother fucker!" I scream and get up, after making sure I didn't break anything.
"I BROKE YOUR FLOOR SORRY NOT SORRY!" I yell after seeing a dent the size of my body. Looking around I see Rex, he's laying next to Lucy who isn't moving, oh well shit.
"Rex what happend?" I ask him almost crying because I kinda liked Lucy despite the fact that I threw her. He stands up snarling. I put my hands up in surrender.
"Rex it's ok, I'm sorry for your loss, back off." I say as he begins running at me." Down! Down boy! Sit! Sit down! Back! Back boy! Heel!" I yell trying to get him to back down." REX! HIYA!!" Max pauses but runs at me again. He jumps up and pushes me onto my back his maw inches from my face, both my thumbs are in the corner of his mouth holding him back, the snarls emitted from him are terrifying but I have no choice I kick up ward hitting him in the stomach, he lets out a pained yelp. He charges me again slower this time and I look around I see a gun in the corner of the room... No. I won't. I hear a soft whimper, the whimper turns into a growl as Lucy gets up and bounds towards me. I back up fast but don't run, I'm not prey. My back hits the wall and I run my hand down, the second I feel the hand gun I check the magazine and see two bullets. No room for mistakes. I don't want to do this. I take four deep breathes and slow my racing heart down, I aim and then fire at Rex. He drops to the ground his legs buckling. I go to do the same to Lucy and suddenly I'm awake, strapped to a chair in a room with four cameras and one other person.
"WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THIS!" He screams and runs out of the room. I tilt my head confused, before I could question anything I hear screaming.
"CARMEN!!!" I scream. Struggling in my chair with only one thing on my mind. Carmen's in danger.
"PUT ME DOWN YOU DUMBASS!!" I twist my wrist and get one loose of the restraints, I'm quickly freed, running through the door I discover it's locked, disaster oak wood(a newly discovered tree(in the book not irl))isn't very strong I back up and ram the door breaking free. I almost ran right into Mr. Bitch-Ass Motherfuker himself.
"Hey back for round two?" He says smirking. I punch him in the face.
"WHERE IS SHE?!" I scream at him.
"Oh she's in her room. Obviously why the fuck you so pissed off?" He asks.
"I don't know look at yourself ya fucktard." I spit and start running towards the screaming Carmen.
"CARMEN I'M COMING!" I scream running as fast as I can.
"IT'S A TRAP NO!!" She screams. I only register what she said after I arrive. Throwing open the door to the hall I see an ocean of blood.
"Fuck. Shit. Fuck. DAMNIT." I throw open the door and see Carmen in the corner, her head in her legs. Blood pouring from a cut artery in her head, legs cut up, arms cut up, clothes ripped.
"Who the fuck did this." I snarl. Carmen looks up then immediately jumps up and hugs me. I kiss her then look at her.
"Whose the bastard that did this." I snarl.
"YOU FUCKERRR!!!!!!!!!!" I scream.
"What's wrong Catanga... Has the Raven been plucked or are you dreaming?" A voice echoes.

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