Chapter 7

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"What the fuck?" Taehyung was furious with me.

"I didn't say yes, it was more of a forced thing."

"That son of a bitch isn't taking my Minji away."

"That son of a bitch is right here and I'm taking her out for the night." Yoongi appeared out of nowhere like normal.

For the night? My mind was going  nuts. Yoongi give Tae a mean glare and pulls me away.

"So where are we going?" I ask, sort of nervous.

"That is none of to your concern Minji. Just relax, I'm not planning on doing anything bad this evening. Though, my mind can be persuaded." Yoongi smurks at me and a chill runs down my spine. Yoongi opens his car door for me and motions me to get in. I was hesitant at first. He shuts the door and walks to the other side and gets in.

The car ride was awkward as fuck and I was too scared to say anything. About 30 minutes later we arrive at a huge building. I just sit and stare at the big building in front of me.

"What? Are you going to get out of the car? We are going to be late, the show starts soon."

"What show? Why am I here Yoongi?" I look at him with a hard glare.

"Well, normally after someone gets a blowjob in the band room it means something." Yoongi gives off a small smile.

I turn my head out the window and sigh. There is no way I'm doing this. I get out of the car without his help and march up to the building.  I hear Yoongi's footsteps close behind me. His hand grabs my wrist and spins me around to where I face him.

"May I help you?" I ask looking up into his eyes.

"Why yes you can. You came here with me and you are going to stay with me." Yoongi held my wrist tighter.


We both walk up the stairs to the giant building. I could hear the loud beat of the music coming from within. I had a bad feeling about this. What if this is a club? A strip club. I wouldn't be surprised with Yoongi.

Yoongi holds the door open for me and I go inside and I can't believe what I see. Maybe I doubted Yoongi a little bit too harsh.

It was beautiful inside the great building. It had a tall ceiling with this huge golden stair case. I noticed that the loud music stopped and turned into soft classical music. I look up the staircase and I'm amazed at what I saw. A huge painting of a girl playing the drums.

"What do you think?' Yoongi asked and I couldn't reply.

"Yoongi.... TF is that?" I ask and look at him.

"Well, I had taken a picture of you during band on set and I used it for a guy to paint. I had them bring it here to surprise you before we went to see the show."

"Okay first off, how many pictures do you have of me?"

"Too many." Yoongi said and there was a long pause.

"Anyway, thank you Yoongi. This painting is really breathtaking." There was something Yoongi was hiding from me. He wouldn't just out of the blue, paint me a picture. What is this grade school?

Yoongi then takes my arm and we continue up the second flight of stairs. We get to these double doors and he holds one open for me. I see a huge stage with a set up.

"The show we are about to watch is called One Shot. I thought I'd show you one of my favorite plays." Yoongi said as we sit down on the top row of seats.

"This play looks scary." The set up was all beat up. It had a red couch that looked as if it was in a drug addicts house. There was trash everywhere and the coffee table in front of the couch was all beat up.

"This looks like a drug addicts house. What is this play about?" I ask and look at Yoongi. Just as I said that the lights dimed down and there were police lights on the stage.

The play was about this group of guys who cared for each other very dearly. One day, the group noticed one of them missing. They then, that evening, got a video call, and these bad guys had their friend. He was all bloody and beat up. The bad guys had a $10,000,000 ransom.

The whole play was dedicated to getting their friend back. They robbed these one guy for the money they needed. After they had their $10,000,000 they just sat there. Wondering what they could really do to stop these bad people.

Later in the play, they meet up with the bad guys underground. They brought the money with them and traded with them. Now this next part made me very upset. As their friend was walking over, the bad guys shot him in the back and killed him.

So the guys took their one shot to get revenge, before the bad guys would shoot them too. They started shooting back. All of the people down there were on the ground either dead or bleeding out.

Finally, one of the bad men, got up and started took the breifcase with the money and started walking. Just at that moment, the leader of the good group got up with all his power and used his last shot to shoot him. Everyone down there died at the end of the play. The police got down there but they were too late.

Not going to lie, I was crying at the end of the show and I was laying on Yoongi's shoulder.

We were walking to Yoongi's car and we were silent. The song from the show kept playing in my head over and over.

"So how did you like the show? I could tell you cried so you must have gotten into it."

"It was a pretty great show. You said that it was one of your favorites so you must've seen it before."

"Yeah actually, this was my fifth time seeing it. It tought me to always take the one shot I have and to use it." Woah that was deep.

He holds the car door open for me and I get in.

"Your painting will be shipped to you. It's too big to fit in my car." He shuts the car door and walks around to the driver's side.

"So, you're taking me home now right?"

"Well-not exactly..."

A/N: So this was the longest chapter I've written for this book. Meh. The One Shot "theme song" is up above the chapter if you wanna listen. 😊

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