Chapter Two

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The attached video doesn't have too much to do with this book, but I know other books it can relate to! I want to recommend it to some authors, what books do you guys think it could relate to? 

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Chapter Two

I lazily put in the combination to my locker, getting it wrong a total of three times before I'm actually able to open it. Everyone has almost cleared out of the hallway since the time I got to my locker to now, and I'm left in the hallway alone.

Once the final bell rings, people usually high-tail it out of school rather than stopping at their lockers. The traffic to get off of the school grounds for student drivers is insane. If they don't beat the buses they will sit there at a standstill for fifteen minutes and even after that it takes forever to get home.

In order to avoid the traffic, people sprint to their cars and trucks and speed onto the main roads to get home.

It's really a safety hazard if you think about it; a bunch of teenagers who just got their licenses speeding around trying to either look cool or beat the traffic.

That's why I avoid it and stay a little longer to get my things from my locker in the peace and quiet in an area that's normally so loud and rowdy.

However, being without my friends is best when I go to my locker. If they saw me actually carrying around my textbooks to do the homework we were assigned, I would never hear the end of how 'lame' it is.

They would tell me that doing homework was pointless, that I was weird for doing it, and Jack would defend me here and there even though he agrees with everything they would say.

It's an odd atmosphere that Royal Eastwood is stuck in; one where popular students make fun of anyone who actually does their homework or reads the textbook. Most of their parents pay the teachers off, which sadly works considering the salary of teachers is so low.

Here, if you do your homework, it somehow correlates with being poor. Because if you do the work, then you must not have the money to pay the teachers off.

Every single one of the people in Jack's friend group, aside from me and Jessica, have their parents write checks to get an A instead of spending thirty minutes with their notes. It's sad, to be honest.

Even if I was like the others and wanted my parents to pay off the teachers, they would never let me do something like that. I do my work diligently, though I'm just as lazy as the next student and sometimes skip an assignment or two.

But actually studying and doing most of my work has earned me something from my teachers that none of the others have; respect.

I choose the textbooks I will need tonight, which thankfully is only one and then a few folders for my other classes, and then I shut my locker. It closes with a satisfying slam, echoing down the empty hallway.

I smile to myself and then turn to go outside where I know Jack is waiting for me. But instead of walking, I run smack into someone.

Because I'm a weakling and also a scaredy-cat, the force and surprise of the hit makes me drop my textbook and folders, and my papers scatter everywhere.

I stare at them in shock. It's as if a gust of wind came bustling down the hallway at that exact moment and with the intent to completely reorganize my folders by dumping all of them onto the floor and scattering them around.

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